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Terror Stalks Olympics Following Double Russian Bombing.

Image: Terror Stalks Olympics Following Double Russian BombingA police officer with a sniffer dog and security guards check a bus entering the Olympic Park in Sochi, Russia.

By Lisa Barron

The Winter Olympics, set to open in Russia in less than six weeks, have been thrown into chaos after two terrorist bombs killed 31 people in a city that thousands of spectators will travel through on their way to the games in Sochi.

Already the Australian team is considering pulling out of the games following the explosions in Volgograd, the regional transportation hub.

And U.S. authorities are cooperating with Russian authorities as a crackdown on Islamic separatists from the troubled North Caucasus region is seen as inevitable.

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The bombings have been linked to separatists from the Russian republics of Chechnya and Dagestan — the area that spawned Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

The head of the Russian Olympic Committee, Alexander Zhukov, said Monday that no extra security measures would be adopted despite the attacks, the first time a top-ranking Russian official has spoken out about concerns that the games could be targeted, reports the state-owned RAI Novosti.

“Concerning the Olympic Games in Sochi, all necessary security measures are provided for, and extra security measures in light of the act of terrorism in Volgograd will not be taken, because everything needed is done,” he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin for his part has ordered tighter security nationwide but has not addressed the attacks publicly.

The second attack in Volgograd — formerly known as Stalingrad — killed at least 14 and injured 28, when an explosion ripped apart a trolley bus, one day after an explosion killed at least 17 people in the city’s main rail station.

Vladimir Markin, spokesman for the Russian Investigative Committee, said the bomb used was packed with shrapnel that was “identical” to that in the rail station bombing and was set off by a suicide bomber, reports Russia Today.

Sergey Avdienko, a retired police colonel and former Interpol officer, told the network  that the attacks were carried out by Islamic militants from the volatile North Caucasus.

“It’s quite clear who is behind these attacks — it’s people from a place fairly close to Volgograd; I’m speaking about the Caucasus, where radical Islamic groups thrive. The entire point of doing this, especially on the cusp of the New Year, is to intimidate the population and to destabilize the situation in the country as well, particularly in view of the coming Olympic Games,” he said.

Volgograd, about 400 miles northeast of Sochi, is a key transport hub for the region.
In July, Doku Umarov, head of the Caucasus Emirate, considered to be a terrorist organization by the State Department, vowed to target Sochi explicitly, calling the games ”satanic,” reports CNN.

”They plan to hold the Olympics on the bones of our ancestors, on the bones of many, many dead Muslims, buried on the territory of our land on the Black Sea, and we Mujahedeen are obliged not to permit that — using any methods allowed us by the almighty Allah,” he said in a video statement.

Umarov was a rebel leader in Chechnya’s separatist fight in the early 1990s, which evolved into an Islamic insurgency that has spread through neighboring Muslim republics, including Dagestan.

The Russia Foreign Ministry on Monday likened the Volgograd bombings to “terrorist attacks” in the US, Syria or elsewhere, organized by groups with the “same motivator,” and expressed “deep appreciation” to all world leaders who condemned the attacks, according to RT.

The State Department issued a statement on Sunday  saying, “The United States condemns in the strongest terms today’s terrorist attack in Volgograd. We send our sincere condolences to the families of the victims and stand in solidarity with the Russian people against terrorism of any kind.”

The White House also issued a statement saying President Barack Obama had been briefed on the situation and that the U.S. and Russia were cooperating on anti-terrorism leading up to the Olympics.

Putin’s silence as his pet Olympics project appeared in danger of being thrown into chaos was seen as surprising. “Putin may be hesitating to speak out because any alarmist statements from him might indeed cast doubt on the security of the Olympics at Sochi, which is much closer than Volgograd to the terrorist hotbeds of the North Caucasus,” Leonid Bershidsky, an editor and novelist, wrote in Bloomberg View.

“Security is already extra tight at the Olympic venue, and law enforcement chiefs know Putin won’t forgive them for allowing anyone to mess with an Olympic showcase that has cost $48 billion to stage,” he added.

But the bombings are having international repercussions. Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said the country could pull out of the games.

“We don’t want to lightly prevent our athletes participating in any event for which they have trained for years, but their safety and the safety of their families and other spectators is of the utmost concern,” Bishop told The Australian newspaper.

The 22nd Winter Olympics are due to begin in Sochi on Feb. 6 and run for 17 days. The city was chosen as host in 2007, despite fears of violence from groups linked with the independence moves in the nearby republics.

In 2010 Time Magazine raised fears that Sochi, a resort town on the Black Sea near the Russian border with Georgia would be safe, citing at least four groups that could set of a bomb in a crowded square in broad daylight.

“We are preparing to hold the Games in what is virtually the front line in our war on terrorism,” said former KGB Col. Oleg Nechiporenko, chief analyst for Russia’s National Anti-Terrorist and Anti-Criminal Fund.

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NANS Demands Arrest Of Killer Policeman, Sack Of Commissioner, DPO.

The Senate of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has demanded the immediate arrest and prosecution of the policeman who yesterday in Katsina shot and killed Umar Aliyu of the Hassan Usman Polytechnic.

In a statement signed by spokesman Okoye Robinson Chibuzo, NANS condemned the act in strong terms and called on the National Human Rights Commission to investigate the incident and the killings of other students which now number 30, as a matter of urgency.

“We can’t understand what led to the killing of a harmless student by the same persons whose responsibility is to secure his life and property,” the statement said. “This act of barbarism is a total breach of the fundamental right to life of Umar Aliyu as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and can’t be taken as this is a threat to the lives and security of the Nigerian students.” The students also called on the Inspector General of police to sack the Commissioner of the Katsina State Police Command and the DPO in charge [of the unit], or face “total war” which will be declared against the police for the brutal killing of Nigerian students.

NANS commiserated with the family of Umar Aliyu and the entire students of Kastina for the great loss of one of their future leaders whose life was shortened by a “blood sucking” policeman.


Lotachukwu Ezeudu Kidnap: Judge Schedules Accelerated Trial As Two Top Suspects Remain In Hiding.

By SaharaReporters, New York

Suspects in the 2009 kidnap of Lotachukwu (Lota) Ezeudu, a 2nd year student of accountancy at the University of Nigeria (Enugu Campus) will face accelerated hearing beginning from January 15, 2014. The suspects include a former police officer, Ernest Okeke, the son of a Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Nnaemeka Chukwu, a former university student named Uche Moses Amajor whose father owned Prosper Hotel in Trans-Ekulu, Enugu.

At a recent court session, Justice Afam Nwobodo of the Enugu High Court expressed his desire to schedule several dates from mid-January of next year in order to see the trial to a conclusion.

Lota Ezeudu was abducted in September, 2009 after he told his parents that he was going to the home of DPO Sam Chukwu. A family source told SaharaReporters that the DPO’s son, Nnaemeka, had invited the then 19-year-old Lota over ostensibly to help inspect a laptop computer that the DPO’s alleged personal assistant wished to purchase. Prosecutors believe that the invitation to inspect a computer was a ruse meant to entrap Lota Ezeudu.

Lota was an only son of Bona Ezeudu, a prominent Nigerian painter and sculptor, and his wife, Ngozi, a school teacher. Even though the kidnap victim’s family reportedly paid a ransom, Lota has not been seen since.

DPO Sam Chukwu and an ex-police officer, Desmond Chinwuba, have been declared wanted as suspects in Lota Ezeudu’s kidnap and disappearance. Both men have been on the run, but friends and relatives of the Ezeudus say they are willing to offer a financial reward to anybody who provides information that would lead to the arrest of the two fugitives. “We plead with anybody who knows the whereabouts of Sam Chukwu and Desmond Chinwuba to please, please give the information to the police or prosecutors at the Ministry of Justice in Enugu,” a friend of the Ezeudus told SaharaReporters.

A prosecutor in Enugu State told SaharaReporters that Mr. Chukwu had a reputation as a highly evil police officer and mastermind of kidnapping and other crimes in the city of Enugu as well as its surrounding towns. Mr. Chukwu owns several buildings in Enugu, especially in the Trans-Ekulu section where he lived with his third wife, Linda Chukwu, before he went underground as the trial judge neared issuing a warrant for his arrest. Mrs. Chukwu is a lawyer and works for the Ministry of Justice in Enugu State.

At the time of Lota’s kidnap, the DPO was harboring both Ernest Okeke and Desmond Chinwuba in his house despite the fact that both men had been sacked from the police and were facing trial for armed robbery. A source close to the Ezeudu family told SaharaReporters that the DPO’s son, Nnaemeka, misled Lota Ezeudu into believing that Ernest and Desmond were still serving police officers who were the DPO’s aides.

A source at the Enugu Ministry of Justice told SaharaReporters that investigators believe that the DPO’s wife, Linda Chukwu, is in regular touch with her fugitive husband. According to the source, “Linda recently gave birth to a baby son, and has been telling people that her husband got her pregnant. And since the man has been on the run for two years, it means that she knows where he is. It is a real shame that Mrs. Linda Chukwu who is a lawyer and works for this same Ministry [of Justice] is aiding and abetting her husband’s decision to be a fugitive. And it is frightening that a man who was a senior police officer is linked to such a serious crime and yet does not have the courage to appear in court to clear his name.”

A source told SaharaReporters that the former DPO is on the run because Justice Nwobodo, who is presiding over the case, is known for his integrity. “[Sam] Chukwu knows that you can’t talk about bribing the Honorable Justice to miscarry justice. That’s why he has decided not to show his face in court,” he said.

A police officer who was once involved in the investigation of the kidnap case praised Lota’s parents for standing firm and demanding justice for their missing son. He said that both Bona and Ngozi Ezeudu have worked tirelessly to help prosecutors to identify and arrest those who had a hand in kidnapping their son. “If other parents can do even a quarter [of what the Ezeudus have done], kidnappers and those who sponsor them will think twice,” the officer said.

Our correspondent in Enugu disclosed that Bona Ezeudu has resumed his artistic work after three years of giving it up in order to focus on helping the police to track down his son’s kidnappers. Earlier this year, he held a solo exhibition at the famous Didi Museum in Lagos, the first exhibit of his paintings since his son was kidnapped. Three weeks ago, he traveled to Seoul as part of a team of artists that represented Nigeria at an international exhibit in the South Korean capital.

School Teacher In Police Photograph Case Joined By Supporters In Lagos State Court; Court Fixes Hearing For February 2014.

Mr. Abragandu Kan Nanya Aminu

Police charges
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Principal and staff from Supreme Education Foundation Schools were in Lagos State Magistrate Court today to support Mr. Abragandu Kan Nanya Aminu, accused by police of taking a photograph of a traffic warden.

Mr. Aminu is accused of photographing traffic warden inspector, Okpanachi Godwin, when he had positioned himself in front of a commercial bus to stop it moving on the Ikosi Junction of Ketu, Lagos State on November 19.

A source said it looked like the warden was trying to extort the bus driver and as such was fearful that the photo will make it to the internet as several others that led to summary dismissal of police officers in recent time.

Police officers objected to the photograph, seized Aminu’s mobile phone, arrested him and took him to prison where he was tortured.  Human rights groups petitioned the police for Aminu’s release.

Police have charged Mr. Aminu of unlawful assault of a police officer, resisting and obstructing police officers in their duty, and breaching public peace.

Mr. Aminu told SaharaReporters he took the photograph to show to his students as an example of wrongful conduct for students in the School’s traffic monitoring club.

His supporters told SaharaReporters Aminu wasn’t taking the photograph for mischievous purposes despite the police having a reputation in Nigeria for extortion.

Lagos State Magistrates Court set the hearing for February 24th and 25th, 2014.

Senior Ondo Police Officer Killed In Gunfight; Two Others Allegedly Dead In Ikare.


By Saharareporters, New York

The Nigerian Police Force said Divisional Command Officer, Iheme Wilfred, was killed Sunday following a gunfight with 12-armed men in Ondo State.

Officer Wilfred was leading a patrol team on the Ijare-Akure road when he received a distress call that armed men were using the route after robbing a bank in Ikare , NPF spokesperson, Wole Ogodo, told SaharaReporters.

Officer Wilfred went after the men.  A thirty-minute gunfight ensued with the men overpowering the police, leaving Officer Wilfred dead.

“It’s unfortunate we lost one of our dynamic Senior Police Officers in this incident,” Ogodo said. “Wilfred served the command diligently for many years.”

A police source told SaharaReporters earlier that some junior police officers had abandoned Officer Wilfred, “We wouldn’t have lost him if those officers stayed behind and fired at the robbers together. We learned our boys ran into the bush when they saw the robbers, leaving only the DCO to face them alone.”

SaharaReporters asked if the robbers had carried away arms and ammunition from the scene of the gunfight.  Ogodo said, “The truth is when the armed robbers discovered they had shot and killed the police officer they quickly flew the scene for fear of reinforcement from the command.”

Officer Wilfred’s remains are being held at State Specialist Hospital morgue in Akure.

The 12 robbers are said to have killed two other people, including a commercial motorist in Ikare.

NPF spokesperson Ogodo said the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) has begun an investigation, and promises the robbers will soon be arrested.

“Please Save Me,” Photojournalist Cries As Policemen Batter Him For Suspected Bribe Picture.


Okanyi Enemali with a swollen nose

Okanyi Enemali
By SaharaReporters, New York

Men of the Nigeria police this evening in Lokoja almost lynched a photo journalist, Okanyi Enemali, who was alleged to have taken a shot of a policeman taking bribe.

The incident took place in front of the Lokoja Specialist Hospital where as many as eight armed policemen beat the helpless man for about 30 minutes until he almost lost consciousness.  The policemen then dragged him into their Hilux van which the inscription: B OPS KGS COMMAND 1.

Eyewitnesses believe that if Okanyi does not receive proper medical attention, he is unlikely to survive the assault.  There was no report on his condition as this report was being filed.

As he was being bundled into the vehicle, Okanyi kept crying, “I’m a journalist, save me”.

Policemen in Nigeria, famously corrupt, are understood to be nervous over compromising pictures and video of bribe-taking among their ranks that have been published in recent times.

Police Public Relation Officer in the state later told SaharaReporters that the Divisional Police Officer in the area did not report any incident of such to the Police command. He said nothing of such happened in the state.

NOPRIN Calls For Investigation of Another Police Execution Of Five Men In Benin City.

Samuel Imaikop
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Network on Police Reform In Nigeria (NOPRIN) has called for a thorough investigation to ascertain the actual circumstances and truth surrounding the killing of Samuel Imaikop and four others by policemen of the Edo State Police Command on November 24.

In a preliminary report today on the incident, the group stressed that the investigation must include an autopsy and a Coroner’s inquiry to ascertain how and why the five men were killed, and that there must be legal consequences, including redress and accountability for the murder.

The NOPRIN report said that Samuel Imaikop, a farmer from Nsital LGA of Akwa Ibom State, was shot dead at a police checkpoint on the Benin Bye-Pass at about 9am on that day along with four men he had hired to work on his farm.

“The dead bodies of the five men were dumped at the back of a white police Hillux van and driven to the Edo Sate Police Headquarters on Sapele Road, Benin City,” the report said. “The late Samuel’s Nissan bus was driven by a policeman following behind the police van to the Edo State Police Headquarters.”

The report further said that at Police Headquarters, the bodies were dumped on the ground and displayed publicly as “armed robbers” with a gun placed on them as an exhibit.

“It is not clear how the police arrived at the judgement or conclusion that the killed men were armed robbers,” NOPRIN said. “There was no evidence that they were shot during a robbery operation or that they had a tip off or prior information about them and then laid in wait for them.”

Mr. Imaikop, 42, was married with two wives and 7 children, and his second wife is pregnant.

Full text of the NOPRIN report



Saturday, December 7, 2013.


NOPRIN has received disturbing information concerning yet another extrajudicial killing in Edo State on November 24, 2013. Those killed this time are one Mr. Samuel Imaikop (42), a farmer and four labourers he hired to work in his farm. NOPRIN is investigating this recent killing and previous similar cases of reckless police killings in Edo State. This is with a view to unravelling and publicising the truths about these killings and following up to ensure that police authorities carry out thorough investigations that will lead to redress for the victims’ families and accountability for the police officers responsible.


Mr Samuel Imaikop (42) a farmer from Nsital LGA of Akwa Ibom State and resident in Benin City was married with two wives and 7 children. His second wife is pregnant.

According to information from the late Samuel Imaikop’s family members which were corroborated by witnesses, on Sunday November 24, 2013 at about 9 am, Samuel, along with four casual labourers he hired to work for him in his farm, were shot dead by police officers at a check point along Benin Bye-Pass.

The dead bodies of the five men were dumped at the back of a white police Hillux van and driven to the Edo Sate Police Headquarters on Sapele Road, Benin City. The late Samuel’s Nissan bus was driven by a policeman following behind the police van to the Edo State Police Headquarters.

Prior to the incident, the late Samuel had left his house that morning to deliver bundles of firewood loaded in his bus to his customer at Cemetery road. After this, he drove to ‘2 plus 2’ (a location where casual labourers stand and wait to be hired for daily labour) and picked up four labourers to work for him in his farm at Ute community.

The Family’s Account

The late Samuel Imaikop’s relatives informed NOPRIN that their late brother was a farmer. The day before the incident- Saturday 23 November, he went to his farm at Ute community in Edo State with one of his younger brothers and the four labourers whom he picked up at ‘2 plus 2’ and engaged for a pay to clear some portions of his farm. He had bargained with the four laboureres and they agreed on the price of 25 thousand naira for the clearing of the farm. Later in the evening, the deceased Mr. Samuel drove the labourers back with an understanding to pick them up again the next day to go and complete the job.

The deceased was also a supplier of fire woods to some restaurants in town. On that evening at the farm, he loaded some firewood in his bus to be supplied the next day to one of his customers. He dropped off the four hired labourers and drove home with the firewood.

On Sunday morning, the day of the tragic incident, he first went and supplied the firewood at ‘Madam Spot’ a restaurant somewhere along Cemetery road, Benin. He was supplying the woman firewood two times in a week.  Having dropped the firewood, he stopped over again at ‘2 plus 2’ and picked up the same four labourers to go and complete their job in the farm. On their way to the farm, somewhere at Akpakpava junction, some police officers at a checkpoint opened fire at them, killing all the five men in Mr, Samuel’s bus. The police officers loaded the dead bodies of the five men into the van and drove to the office of the SARS at the State Police Headquarters. At the Police Headquarters, their bodies were dumped on the ground and displayed publicly as armed robbers with a gun placed on them as exhibit.


It is not clear how the police arrived at the judgement or conclusion that the killed men were armed robbers. There was no evidence that they were shot during a robbery operation or that they had a tip off or prior information about them and then laid in wait for them.

The police have not convinced the family of Samuel Imaikop and members of the public about their claim that those men were armed robbers. Instead, they resorted to intimidation by subjecting the late Samuel’s immediate younger brother- Pastor Ime Imaikop Brownson to brutality, detention and cruel and dehumanising treatment for daring to come to the station to inquire about his dead brother.

Considering the hazy circumstances surrounding this particular incident, and recalling previous similar cases, there is serious doubt in the minds of the public about the claim by the police that these men were armed robbers. The family members of late Samuel Imaikop insist that their brother and husband was not an armed robber.


Pastor Ime Imaikop Brownson, the immediate younger brother to the deceased Samuel Imaikop, upon hearing about the incident of police carrying dead bodies in their van and his brother’s bus being driven by a policeman and following the police truck behind, he traced the police and the dead bodies to the State Police Headquarters where he identified his brother among the dead. He was shocked and immediately fell down crying.

Some policemen pounced on him and began to beat him accusing him of being one of the armed robbers. They dragged him inside the police station and one of the policemen emptied a bag of salt on his head while others were matching on him as he lay flat on the ground at the police station crying in grief. He was pleading with the police to ‘forgive’ him, telling them that he was not a robber and that his brother was a farmer and not a robber. They kept beating him as he knelt down and continued to plead, saying he thought that his brother was involved in an accident.  After a while, an Inspector came and asked that his statement be obtained and thereafter, he should be put in the cell. Later again, the Inspector came back and asked the officer taking his statement to stop taking his statement. He was later put in the cell with a threat that any other person who comes to see him or to inquire about any of the dead ones will also be detained. He remained in detention from that Sunday November 24 to Thursday November 28 and  neither ate food nor drank water. His detention was not recorded in the crime register.

The next day, when his wife came with a lawyer, he was brought out and asked to complete making his statement, after which he was sent back to the cell. His wife was not allowed to see him or give him food.

The next day again, his wife came back with another lawyer who was not allowed to see him. Then his wife later came back with another lawyer- Barrister Afolabi who eventually secured his release on the fifth day. He has since then been sick.

The late Samuel Imaikop’s bus is still parked at the police station. There is need to examine the bus to see if there’s evidence of gunshots (bullet holes) on the bus.


There is every reason to doubt the claim by the police that these men were armed robbers. Similar claims in the recent past about similar killings by the police have turned out to be false. The police always circumvent the due process of investigation into such incidents. In this case, as in previous cases of extrajudicial killing, a Coroner’s inquiry into the cause of death has not been initiated as required under the law.  It is also suspected that the police have hurriedy buried the dead bodies without allowing for proper investigation, including an autopsy.

The motive for this unlawful police killing is not firmly established. But there is suspicion that the police may have carried out a reprisal for the killing of their colleagues along the Benin bypass about two weeks ago by suspected armed robbers.


We recall the unresolved case of the Benin student whom the police killed and branded an armed robber. It took pressure from Civil Society groups in Edo before the police exhumed the body for examination. The examination proved the police wrong.

On May 27, 2013 a final year University of Benin Student, Ibrahim Momodu was shot dead by the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Ogida Police Station, Edo State, Mrs. Carol Afegbai, leading other members of her patrol team.

Although the police in Edo command claimed that late Ibrahim Momodu was killed while attempting to fire at the police, reports by the pathologists, who examined the remains of the late Ibrahim Momodu showed that he was shot from the back with three bullets, which torn his heart, before exiting through the upper part of his chest.

Ideally, the DPO and other suspected accomplices should have been subjected to orderly room trial, dismissed- if indicted, and arraigned in court for murder. However, the Edo State Police Commissioner, Mr. Folunsho Adebanjo redeployed the DPO and her orderly, according to him, ‘to have a smooth investigation’.

And, understandably, family members of the victim were suspicious of the motive of the police and insisted, through their lawyers that “the proper procedure for murder case is for the police after investigation to charge the suspects to court and thereafter, the court would order the duplication of the file to be sent to the office of DPP and not the other way round.’

We also recall the case of the Benin 5 who were arrested and branded kidnapers. The five young men: Mr. Chukwudi Eke, Mr. Chinedu, Mr. Ndubuisi Christian Nnalue, Mr. Godswill Chigbo and Isidielu Uche Onwuesi were summarily executed on October 16, 2010

The chronicle of events that led to the extrajudicial killing of the five victims started with a minor traffic accident involving the Audi car of one of the victims, late Mr. Chukwudi Eke and a Golf 3 with registration number AG 785 SLK car belonging to one Victor Okakah who was in the company of his wife. Chukwudi was carrying his friend and another victim late Mr. Chinedu in his car when the accident occurred at the popular Ramat Park, Benin, Edo State at about 6: 30 p.m. on Thursday, October 14, 2010. Others were arrested when they came to inquire about Chukwudi- their friend and brother, detained and executed along with him.

The Edo police authorities claimed that all the five victims ‘died when they and the police officers that went to effect arrest of their kingpin and a leader of the gang and to further recover their sophisticated weapons were ambushed by their gang members with heavy sporadic shooting which led to injury of the deceased….’ ‘That due to serious injuries of the deceased and on the way to the hospital for treatment gave up the ghost…’

Not a single one among the police officers in the team had even a scratch from the ‘heavy sporadic shooting which led to injury’ only of the suspects. The police killed them within two days of their arrest and detention. This was not enough time to conclude a thorough and exhaustive investigate of an alleged case of kidnapping. There was no effort on the part of the police to investigate the alleged kidnapping or to charge the suspects to court in accordance with due process.  They were denied fair trial and fair hearing.

All the foregoing take our minds back to outrageous ‘Apo 6’ killing of 2006. The Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, in his report, said: ‘if the Apo 6 were an isolated incident it would be a tragedy and a case of a few bad apples within the police force. Unfortunately, many of the ingredients – the false labelling of people as armed robbers, the shooting, the fraudulent placement of weapons, the attempted extortion of the victims’ families, the contempt for post mortem procedures, the falsified death certificates, and the flight of an accused senior police officer – are all too familiar occurrences.’

He further said in his report:

‘While armed robbery does plague much of Nigeria, the label of “armed robber” is very often used to justify the jailing and/or extrajudicial execution of innocent individuals who have come to the attention of the police for reasons ranging from a refusal to pay a bribe to insulting or inconveniencing the police’.

Even the federal government of Nigeria admits that the police do indeed improperly identify some—possibly many—of their victims as “armed robbers.” On December 17, 2005, in the wake of the Apo Six murders, then Minister for Police Affairs Alaowei Broderick Bozimo placed paid announcements in major Nigerian newspapers which read, in part:

‘It will be recalled that between the 7th and the 8th of June, 2005, we recorded a most bizarre encounter between some officers of the Nigeria Police Force and six youths at Gimbiya Street, Abuja. The incident culminated in the brutal killing of six civilians by the Police. On behalf of the Nigeria Police, Ministry of Police Affairs, and Federal Government, I offer my sincere condolences to the families of the deceased for the unfortunate Apo Six incident. . . .

Government has resolved, inter alia, as follows:

(i) that contrary to the earlier misinformation that the Apo Six victims were armed robbers, incontrovertible evidence shows that they were NOT ARMED ROBBERS. Government, therefore, exonerates the victims and apologizes to their families and in fact all Nigerians through this medium.

The statement came more than six months after the incident in question and only after the Justice Goodluck Commission recommended the prosecution of all the officers involved

The prosecution of the police officers responsible for the ‘Apo 6’ killing has since been stalled by deliberate acts of the police.


NOPRIN calls for a thorough investigation to ascertain the actual circumstances and truth surrounding the killing of Samuel Imaikop and four others.

This thorough investigation must include an autopsy and a Coroner’s inquiry to ascertain how and why they were killed. There must be legal consequences for this murder, including redress and accountability

Okechukwu Nwanguma

Program and Advocacy Coordinator

NOPRIN Foundation

Phone:234 08064974531

Email: okechukwu”

Ex-Military Officer Shoots Son To Death In Akure.

Tragedy struck yesterday at Maronu Street in the Araromi area of Akure, the capital of Ondo State, as a former military officer, Desilva Adedipe, reportedly shot and killed his son, Ayo Adedipe. Family sources told SaharaReporters that Mr. Adedipe, who retired from service at the rank of major, shot his son at close range as the two argued over an electricity bill.

A resident of the street told our correspondent that many residents fled the area for fear of their lives as well as possible arrest by security operatives.

Our sources said that an argument broke out between the retired major and his son over payments for an electricity bill issued by the Power Holding Company of Nigerian (PHCN). One source said neighbors had tried to settle the matter between the two before the tragic incident.

A source said the former military officer’s son had verbally insulted his father. After a while, the ex-officer ran into his room and reemerged with a gun with which he shot his son in the chest at a close range. The young man died instantly.

Several residents who spoke to SaharaReporters described the incident as shocking. They expressed disappointment in the officer, disclosing that he had ignored their pleas to show restraint in dealing with his son. A few of the residents, however, blamed the late Ayo, saying he had a reputation in the community for stubbornness.

Popularly called “Osha,” the late Ayo was described as a notorious street boy in the community who reportedly masterminded many nefarious activities in the area including burglarizing shops to steal goods.

A source close to the family revealed that night guards on several occasion had come over to the family house to warn about the late youngster’s late-night escapades. “The night guard of our street on many occasions had knocked on our doors telling us to warn Osha because they won’t hesitate to hand him over to the police for associating with notorious street gangs and for his late walks,” the source said.

“Even his father knew him to be a bad boy,” said another resident of the community. He added: “Osha didn’t listen to advice from people. He would embarrass you or even send his gangs to trail you, beat or even molest you, if you talk about him.”

Olaide Adedipe, who claimed to be the wife of the deceased, said the shooting happened after Ayo’s father discovered that his son had not been depositing the electricity payments handed over to him.

Ms. Olaide said the former major found out that his son had been diverting the money but would show him fake electricity receipts as proof that the money had been paid.

SaharaReporters learnt that after killing Ayo, his father hurriedly carried his body out of the compound.

A source said that a commercial motorcyclist had raised an alarm after seeing the ex-military officer in a bush at Onigari, Shagari Village, Akure trying to dump his son’s body. The retired officer reportedly took to his heels.

Confirming the incident, the spokesman of the Nigerian Police Force, Ondo State Command, Wole Ogodo, said that Ms. Olaide, who claimed to be the wife of the deceased, reported the tragic development to them.

“The complainant rushed to the [police] station and said that the suspect, whom they used to call ‘Old Soldier,’ allegedly shot his own son during an argument over NEPA bill,” said the police spokesman.

Mr. Ogodo said police officers went in search of the alleged assailant, who remains elusive. The police investigators found the late Ayo’s body. He disclosed that the remains of the deceased had been deposited at a morgue in Akure, adding that an autopsy would be carried out.

The police spokesman also revealed that the case had been transferred to the state’s Criminal Investigation Department and that the police were on the trail of the suspect.


Police to move against Israeli security in Rivers •May sanction LASTMA, O YES, YES O, other state security outfits.


The Nigeria Police authorities may soon begin a clampdown on ad hoc security formations put in place by some state governments, citing the example of Rivers State where an Israeli organisation has been contracted to provide protection by the state government.

The trend, which security sources described as alarming and dangerous, had degenerated to the extent that these private guards had assumed the functions and responsibilities of the police in some of these states.

Investigations conducted by Sunday Tribune revealed that there were no less than 20 of such organisations in the country that had usurped the functions of the police. The police, it was said, were worried that many of these organisations did not get approval for their operations.

The source revealed that the Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar, recently sent signals to all zonal Assistant

Inspectors General and state commands’ Commissioners of Police to clamp down on such illegal organisations usurping the functions of the police.

It was also gathered that in some states, members of such organisations assumed the functions of controlling the traffic and arresting vehicles.

A top police source gave an instance of what was happening in Rivers State where it was alleged that the embattled Governor Rotimi Amaechi had secured the services of an Israeli security agency to assist him in the provision of security in the state.

This development, the sources revealed, was due to the face-off between the governor and the state Commissioner of Police, Mr Mbu Joseph Mbu, whereby the Police Commissioner no longer took orders from the governor.

However, the controversy is whether or not the Israeli organisation was operating under the supervision of the police, which is yet to be cleared.

A top police officer, however, disclosed to Sunday Tribune that the police were yet to get confirmation on whether it was the Federal Government that gave permission for the Israeli agency to provide security in Rivers State.

The source added that if it was the government that gave the approval, then, the Israeli agency would be made to operate under police supervision. But should the answer prove otherwise, members of the Israeli security agency, he threatened, would be arrested and charged to court.

Efforts to get the police side of the situation proved abortive. But Sunday Tribune gathered authoritatively, that the police hierarchy was getting worried about the trend of individual organisations carrying out police functions in some of the states and would soon move against them.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Onitsha shoot-out MASSOB accuses Army of killing member.


Following the alleged shoot-out yesterday between joint team of Army, Police and suspected kidnappers at 3-3 in the commercial city of Onitsha, the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has faulted the claims by the security agencies that the suspects were kidnappers.

It alleged that its member was killed and later dubbed a kidnap suspect by security agents. The group’s regional administrator, Awka North, Chief Tony Nwodo, faulted the claims that there was a shoot-out between the joint team of army and police personnel and suspected kidnappers.

He said the security agents stormed MASSOB meeting venue, opened fire on their members and killed one while others sustained various degrees of gunshot injuries.

Nwodo disclosed that there was no case of kidnapping in the area as MASSOB members had on Friday arrested one Sunday, (sure name withheld) a native of Nkwelle, who was impersonating MASSOB members to commit crime including robbery and handed him over to the Divisional Police Officer in charge of 3-3, Mr. Ekene.

“What happened on Monday, October 14, 2013 was a cover-up because the army and the police knew the truth; they knew there was no case of kidnapping anywhere around the area. MASSOB members had on October 11 arrested one Sunday from Nkwelle, who was using MASSOB name to commit all sorts of crime including armed robbery and destroying people’s property.

We handed the suspect over to the DPO, 3-3, Mr. Nonso which is on record.”

“Then on Monday, October 14, MASSOB members also arrested one other suspect, Chinedu, for impersonating the movement, to use it to intimidate the residents of the area in the name of MASSOB and our members were on their way, to handing him over to the police at 3-3, when soldiers stormed the area and opened fire on our members and in the process, killed one of us, injured many and arrested over 10 members of MASSOB,” he said.

Nwodo disclosed that apart from the deceased whom they gave his name as Chimezie whom the security agents alleged was a kidnap suspect; over 10 members of MASSOB were undergoing torture in police cell while five other members are still missing without any trace to their whereabouts.


Source: Radio Biafra.

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