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“Obasanjo Responsible for the PDP Crisis”.

Agabus Pwanagba, Jos

A former Military Administrator of Delta State and a Gubernatorial Aspirant in the 2007 elections in Plateau State, Col. John Dungs (Rtd) has blamed former President Olusegun Obasanjo for the ongoing crisis in the ruling Peoples Democratic Party.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo

He told African Examinerin Jos that the 5 PDP Governors that recently defected to the All Progressive Congress are misled by the precedence set by Obasanjo.

His words: “Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is the person who laid the foundation for this problem, the present crisis started during his regime, when he forcefully removed Audu Ogbe as the National Chairman of PDP.

“Obasanjo said he was a party leader and told the governors that they should be leaders in their various States.

“For goodness sake, whether you are a President or Governor, you are a product of the party, it is the party that produces you, so you should allow the party’s supremacy and allow the party to dictate the tune.

“It is the party that made these people (governors) but today, they have become ‘demi gods’.

“But you can see President Goodluck Jonathan giving the National PDP Chairman, BamangaTukur his place as the Chairman but it’s unfortunate the Governors are refusing, they don’t want to relinquish that power which they have acquired.

“Some Governors are even removing Local Government Chairmen.  What will happen if the local government Chairmen said ok, we will also remove you as a Governor?

“What the governors don’t want to be done to them, instead they are doing it to the local government chairmen. That is not the way to run democratic system of government.

Dungs also recalled that Obasanjo set the precedence of hand picking gubernatorial candidates without conducting primaries and forcing them on people, an action, he believes also aided the current crisis in the ruling PDP.

Source: African Examiner.

Oduah: Civil Society Groups Demand Release Of Presidential Panel Report On N255m Bulletproof Cars Scam.


The political stormy weather for Aviation Minister, Ms. Stella Oduah seems not to be over yet as Civil Society Groups have launched fresh demands into the immediate release of the report of the presidential panel that investigated the N255 million BMW bulletproof cars scam.The three-man administrative panel set up by President Goodluck Jonathan submitted its report on November 13, two days after its deadline but as earlier feared by skeptics, the outcome of the panel’s investigation has been closely guarded by the presidency. This is just as the House of Representatives adopted a recommendation of its Committee on Aviation which advised the president to review the continued terms of engagement of Ms. Oduah as a member of the Federal Executive Council, FEC.Leaders of the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, and the Campaign for Democracy, who spoke to SUNDAY PUNCH asked the Presidency to make the report available to the public, the way the lower legislative chamber made its own known recently.The Executive Director, CACOL, Debo Adeniran, urged the Presidency to release the report if it had nothing to hide.He said, “When they set up all these panels, we said it was like doing the funeral for the issues that led to the controversy. Up till now, we are still raising the question.  They didn’t need to set up the committees. It was a case for anti-corruption agencies such as Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the Code of Conduct Bureau, the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission, or the special fraud unit of the Nigerian Police.“We are demanding that the report be made public. We said it from the beginning that when the panels finish their work, they should make their reports available to whoever wants it. We are still demanding that if the Presidency has nothing to hide, it should not treat the report of the panel with secrecy”.Also the Coordinator of CD, Joe Okei-Odumakin, said civil society groups would reject any attempt to cover up the bulletproof car scam.She said, “We have said any attempt to sweep the matter under the carpet will be met with stiff opposition. We shall resist it with all our might and within the ambit of the law. Time has come for those who are holding onto the report to release it. We must get to the root of this, because we cannot continue to cure the symptoms and allow the cause of the problem.“If an amount of money

was spent in the purchase of bulletproof cars and we said we are interested in due process; they have refused to release the report, it shows that there is no political will on the part of those in government who claim they want to fight corruption. We are demanding the release of that report and those found culpable must not only be shown the way out, they must be made to face the full wrath of the law.”The groups also called on President Jonathan to implement the recommendation of the House of Representatives committee that probed the scam.

Source: Radio Biafra.
by: daniel

Iyabo Obasanjo’s Mirror By Okey Ndibe.


Okey Ndibe

Okey Ndibe

Trust some Nigerians to misapprehend the clearest of messages.

Last week, the (Nigerian) Vanguard newspaper published the text of an open letter that Iyabo Obasanjo, former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s first daughter, had written to her father. It is a blistering, unsparing letter, in many ways heartrending and heartbreaking. I predict that future scholars who come to consider the Obasanjo Phenomenon, especially his Presidency, will find the letter a treasure trove for annotations and insights. In fact, the letter is compelling on a number of levels, full of details and anecdotes that provide perhaps the richest intimate details into the psyche of the former president.

The Obasanjo who emerges in his daughter’s letter struck me as an altogether familiar figure. There are, for me, few surprises, save for the daughter’s unflinching marshaling of evidence unknown to most Nigerians in order to sustain her intrepid assessment of her father. She characterizes Mr. Obasanjo as a liar, egoistic, megalomaniacal, duplicitous, heartless, hypocritical, a man driven by envy (of talented and successful people) and mischief, cruel (most of all to members of his immediate family), corrupt, self-absorbed, and opportunistic.

Let’s be sure: there’s no epithet in Ms. Obasanjo’s letter that many Nigerians had not used before now. Many critics as well as erstwhile associates of the former president have described him in exactly those terms, sometimes even in harsher language. The difference, this time, lies in the filial relationship between the accuser and the accused.

It is never a pretty sight when a furious daughter descends on her aged father, in her hands a rap sheet of indictments. It may strike onlookers as mere theater, but something far more profound is usually at play. Those of us who have nothing but the deepest reverence for our parents are bound to find the whole idea and scenario unimaginable, a drama of the most extreme absurdity.

It is a rarity indeed, the kind of public flogging that Ms. Obasanjo inflicted on her father’s naked torso. Enrapt as the public was, a part of us always recoiled in horror and shock.

Yet, I think those who began to berate the daughter, to lecture her on etiquette and propriety, missed the point. I suspect that Iyabo Obasanjo is the first person that would have most wanted NOT to write that letter. Any careful attention to the tone of the first paragraph would establish that here was a reluctant scribe, but one who, ultimately, concluded that she had little or no choice. Ms. Obasanjo’s letter amounted, in three senses at least, to a tremendous labor of love.

First, she wrote, I suggest, with an eye to history, moved by a desire to help unmask a sordid man, a veritable master of the art of self-inflation and self-misrepresentation. Second, she wrote in order to offer Nigerians a much-needed cautionary intervention, to alert us to the toxicity of a moral, social and political climate that has been created and sustained by her father and his ilk. I have often stipulated that, until Nigerians realize how thoroughly messed up and twisted their going culture has become, they can go nowhere but deeper into perdition. In a third (and perhaps most significant) sense, Ms. Iyabo Obasanjo’s letter translates as a cry from the deepest, most affectionate region of a daughter’s heart. It is a daughter’s desperate, last-ditch effort to jar a complacent, depraved father into realizing how puny he’s rendered himself, how starkly naked he is even as he deludes himself that he’s adorned in regal attire.

Ms. Obasanjo began her letter, in a wholly convincing accent, by stating, “It brings me no joy to have to write this…” Then she added: “The only way to reach you may be to make the public aware of some things. As a child well brought up by my long-suffering mother in Yoruba tradition, I have been reluctant to tell the truth about you but as it seems you still continue to delude yourself about the kind of person you are and I think for posterity’s sake it is time to set the records straight.”

She then proceeds, with painstaking rigor, to outline the villainy, mediocrity and bad faith of a man some Nigerians persist—against all logic—to credit with exemplary leadership. As much as she indicts her father, Ms. Iyabo’s more cutting and powerful comments are those directed at Nigerians. She not only painted her father in all his manifest moral ugliness, she also held up a mirror to the rest of us, inviting us to ponder our own self-destructive ethos.

“I don’t blame you for the many atrocities you have been able to get away with,” she writes, and then adds: “Nigerians were your enablers every step of the way. People ultimately get leaders that reflect them.” Toward the end of her letter, she states: “You are the prototypical ‘Mr. Know it all’.  You’ve never said, ‘I don’t know’ on any topic, ever.  Of course this means you surround yourself with idiots who will agree with you on anything and need you for financial gain and you need them for your insatiable ego. This your attitude is a reflection of the country. It is not certain which came first, your attitude seeping into the country’s psyche or the country accepting your irresponsible behavior for so long.”

And then this, what I consider Iyabo’s most devastating blow, on Mr. Obasanjo as well as the rest of us: “Nigeria has descended into a hellish reality where smart, capable people, to ‘survive’ and have their daily bread, prostrate to imbeciles.”

For my money, this is one of the most penetrating and succinct diagnoses both of Mr. Obasanjo’s brand of “leadership” as well as Nigeria’s broader malaise. It is a sobering account, written in an infuriated daughter’s sharp and direct language. Nigerians would be well served to read the letter with the right attitude. The letter ought not to be seen as fodder for titillation, as a peep into a prominent family’s dysfunction. It is no occasion for entertainment. Nor should it be read as yet another example of the weakening, even abandonment, of our traditional mores.  Something far more profound, and chastening, is at stake here.

It’s a pity that some commentators seized on the letter to propound on perceived lapses in Ms. Obasanjo’s cultural formation. Some abominated the whole idea of writing such a biting letter to her father. These critics were content to fix on the woman’s tone, not the substance of her letter. A common refrain: It’s unYoruba or unAfrican for a child to speak in such impertinent language to a parent.


Such reactions point to a frozen conception of culture as well as a cultural attitude that blames the true victim, the weaker party, whilst sparing the villain, the hubristic and powerful. I have written often about this phenomenon. Many Nigerians would insist that you don’t call a governor or president a thief, even when he’s demonstrably one. To call a thieving president or governor by the (proper) name of thief, in the illogical thinking of these Nigerians, is to display unacceptable disrespect for their exalted office. Yet, it hardly ever occurs to these enforcers that respect is earned, nor do they insist that stealing is incompatible with the high, extremely well remunerated office of governor or president. Let them steal all they want, we must address them as “Your Excellency So-and-So” or “Honorable This-and-That.”

In like spirit, those who scold Iyabo Obasanjo for describing the many ways in which her father is deplorable have not taken time to rebuke the former president for failing to treat his family with the love and affection they deserve. No, the daughter must repress her painful memories of a callous, uncaring father. She must neither say nor do anything to impede her deeply flawed father’s messianic delusions.

Odds are that Iyabo Obasanjo is at peace with herself, after pouring out her soul. No question, she must have her faults, perhaps even grievous ones, but her letter was an act of courage. And when historians reckon up Obasanjo the man and public figure, they will be grateful for this daughter’s illumining, powerful and telling memory capsule.


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APC hails Reps report on Oduah, demands minister’s resignation.



The All Progressives Congress has commended the House of Representatives for its stand on the N255m armoured cars scandal involving the Minster of Aviation, Ms. Stella Oduah, calling on President Goodluck Jonathan to “review the continued engagement of the minister over her role in the scam.”In a statement in Port Harcourt on Monday by its Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said by its
action, “the House of Representatives has again signalled its readiness to play its own part in fighting the massive corruption which has
enveloped the country.”The party added that “by its unequivocal stand on the scandal, coming on the heels of the recent criticism of President Jonathan’s tepid fight against corruption by House Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, the House has left no one in doubt that the legislature is taking its oversight role very seriously.”The APC said, “There is no doubt that the House of Representatives took its stand, which included asking the EFCC to investigate and prosecute all those involved in the scandal, after a painstaking work by its Committee on Aviation. This action is commendable and reflects the general opinion of Nigerians on the shameful scandal.“Therefore, Ms. Oduah has no basis for continued occupation of her post as Minister of Aviation and should step down immediately. If she fails to do so, she should be fired by the President.”APC said if the Minister failed to resign and the President refused to fire her, it would confirm the general perception across the country that “this President is not ready or willing to fight corruption; that he is comfortable in the company of corrupt officials.”The party said the failure by the President to heed the recommendation of the House of Representatives on Oduahgate  would also add to “his earlier failure to act on the House’s decision on the massive oil subsidy scam and the failure of his administration to bring to justice all those behind the series of corruption cases that have dogged the administration.”It added, ”The list is long, and includes the pension scam, the Malabu scandal, the massive corruption in SEC, the Halliburton scandal,
the unprecedented crude oil theft and the extensive corruption in the oil sector.”The President’s decision to hug corruption rather than fight it has also been reflected in his comments; for example
that the perception people have about corruption in Nigeria is exaggerated; and that his administration is ‘winning’ the war against

Source: Radio Biafra.


confab ctt

The Dr Femi Okurounmu Presidential Advisory Committee on National Dialogue made a lot of far-reaching recommendations to President Goodluck Jonathan in the report the committee submitted on Wednesday, Sunday Tribune can reveal.It was learnt that the 13-member committee recommended that the proposed national confab should be held within six months.It also advised President Jonathan to ensure that the conference should be held before the 2015 general election, just as it added that preparations should begin in earnest.Sunday Tribune gathered from a highly placed source that President Jonathan set machinery in motion for the conference shortly after the New Year celebration.The source said the month on January, 2014 was significant in the history of the country as it marked 100 years of the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates of the country into a single entity.On how delegates to the conference should be selected, it was learnt from a dependable source that the committee proposed representation based on senatorial district or federal constituency.If the first option is accepted, delegates may not be more than 200 inclusive of delegates from various organised bodies and groups. Should the second option be contemplated, about 500 delegates would be invited to speak at the confab.In order to solve the thorny issue of whether the outcome of the conference should be sent to the National Assembly for approval or be subjected to a referendum, Okurounmu Committee advised that the 1999 Constitution as amended should be further amended for the inclusion of referendum, which is currently not in the document.In another development, the National Publicity

Secretary of the Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere, Mr Yinka Odumakin, has urged President Jonathan to ignore the distractions being laid on the way of a successful conference through letters and other means by those opposed to the initiative.In an interview with Sunday Tribune, Odumakin said 100 elections    would not solve the problem of the country and advised that the entire structure, which he said, was forcefully put together in 1914 be totally collapse and  Dare Adekanmbi.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Yoruba Parasites Hopes Confab ‘ll Keep Nigeria Together, Urges Jonathan To Implement Confab’s Agenda.


Yoruba Image

The Afenifere, a Pan-Yoruba socio-political group, on Friday called on President Goodluck Jonathan to faithfully implement the agenda of the proposed national conference.The group led by its National Chairman, Chief Reuben Fasoranti and the Ondo State governor, Olusegun Mimiko, made the call at a meeting with the President at the State House.Addressing State House correspondents after the closed door meeting, Fasoranti said the proposed national conference “is the soul of a new Nigeria and bigger than everything, including the 2015 general elections.’’He commended the President for the initiative of a national dialogue to bring the people together to discuss their union.“This is a bold move that will earn you a good place in history if faithfully implemented. Any leader who is able to get us out of this structural quagmire will never be forgotten.“Mr President said some forces that have benefited from the imbalance and inequity of decades will not fold their arms and watch Nigeria restructured into an entity that works for all its component units.“This is why all manners of “letters” were posted to you with impeachment calls. Expect more of that as the process moves on by those who want the National Dialogue aborted.“We strongly advise that the conference be concluded early so that the 2015 elections can be conducted on the basis of the new constitution,’’ he said.Fasoranti assured the President of the group’s support in carrying out the national conference.He said that the group also commended the President’s commitment to the completion of the rehabilitation and expansion work on Lagos-Ibadan expressway.Fasoranti said that Afenifere also appealed to the President to look into revitalising the moribund government companies in the South West such as the machine tools and Osogbo Steel Rolling Mills.Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Dr Reuben Abati, said that the President reassured the group of his commitment to convening the national conference early next year.He said that Jonathan also assured that he would not interfere in anyway in the discourse and the nation would be guided by the resolutions from the conference.In the delegation were Chief Olanihun Ajayi, Sen. Iyiola Omisore, Chief Supo Shonibore, Yinka odumakin and others.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Bleeding PDP Warns That Defection Of Members Is ‘Betrayal’.

PDP chair, Bamanga Tukur
By SaharaReporters, New York

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described Wednesday’s defection of 37 of its members in the House of Representatives, as ‘betrayal,’ warning that those members should know the implication of their actions.

The declaration is contained in a statement issued by the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, at the end of a meeting of the National Woking Committee of the party in Abuja.

“The PDP condemns what is fast unfolding as a desperate attempt by selfish politicians to cause confusion in our body polity,” he said. “We wish to assure all our members and supporters nationwide that the PDP remains unshaken by the departure of Fifth Columnists. We shall undoubtedly emerge stronger and more cohesive after these events.”

He said that if the defection was confirmed to be true, it was “treacherous and a huge betrayal” not only of the PDP but of voters who worked hard for the election of the defectors on the platform of the PDP.

Quoting Section 68 (1) (g) of the constitution, Metuh stressed that the courts have declared that the PDP is ONE and is not bedeviled by any factions.

“Any member of the National or State Assemblies who therefore renounces his membership of a UNITED PDP must be ready to face the consequences of defection in line with provisions of the Constitution,” he said.

Despite the purported defection of some members, he noted that the party still maintains a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives, and urged members “to utilize their majority to strengthen the support for President Goodluck Jonathan’s Transformation Agenda and the only recognized National Leadership of the Party.”

Raw Copy: Iyabo Obasanjo’s Damning Letter To Her Father, Former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Here is a copy of Senator Iyabo Obasanjo letter to her father, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo Obasanjo.


GEJ and OBJ: Of Presidential Pots And Kettles By Adebola Falana.

By Adebola Falana

“First of all, Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo is a hypocrite. He bears full responsibility for the situation in which we find ourselves today. And I don’t take him seriously and that’s all I want to say about him…”  – Wole Soyinka (2010)
Soyinka’s words from 2010 are a good place to start when considering the letter General Olusegun Obasanjo wrote to President Goodluck Jonathan recently. We cannot ignore the role Obasanjo played in Jonathan’s ascension to power, neither can we ignore Obasanjo’s refusal to accept his fair share of the blame.

The former president admits in his letter that Jonathan lists him third, after his parents and God, as the human who has impacted most on his life and helped him to ascend to the presidency, and he admits that he believed it was in Nigeria’s political interest that a minority become president. Yet Obasanjo believes he is in the best position to cry wolf now?

Of all democratically elected leaders, Obasanjo has ruled this country for the longest time: with his military rule from 1976 to 1979 and his democratic rule from 1999 to 2007, he has had 11 years, more than a fifth of the period for which we have been an independent country, to change things. He set the nation on a course of decline.

One must ask: what other measures Obasanjo had taken before going this route — that is, besides the other four unacknowledged letters he says he has written to Jonathan over the past two years. As not just a PDP stalwart but also a former president, and one who occupied the seat not too long ago, one would think that Obasanjo had other mediums of reaching the president and passing his message across.

But that is not his style, is it? His penchant for attacking in an un-presidential manner is well known.

Obasanjo had no respect for that office while he occupied it, and it is not surprising that he has no respect for it now that he is no longer occupying it.

History is definitely not on his side in this situation. Nigerians remember the letter he wrote to Babangida in 1992, which of course also ‘leaked’; we also remember that when he became president, he did nothing different besides being ‘democratically elected’.

Fast forward to 2004 when Audu Ogbeh, a PDP stalwart and party leader, wrote a similar letter to Obasanjo when he was president. He ensured the political ruin of the former. Obasanjo’s apathy to criticism of his person or actions is well known, and his response to Ogbeh at the time was not dissimilar to the President’s spokesman, Reuben Abati’s to him.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Is it not absurd that Obasanjo, who reportedly tried to push for a third-term agenda, is holding Jonathan to a one-term promise the latter purportedly made in 2011?

One cannot help but conclude that Obasanjo must suffer from selective amnesia as he refuses to remember that he is guilty of the things he accused Jonathan of, and when he had the chance, he did things no differently from the other presidents Nigeria has had.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

Jonathan Replies Yoruba Ex-convict Obasanjo Via Abati, Says OBJ Is ‘Spineless Coward’; APC His Cahoots.

OBJ  under arrest

President Jonathan is running a people’s government,” the statement said.  “He does not need any snipers. His legitimacy comes from the people. Those who are alleging the existence of snipers should step forward and provide the evidence or shut up forever and go down in history as spineless cowards, driven by sheer greed and indecency.”
Towards the APC, the statement dismissed the call for impeachment as as opportunistic, partisan and ill-motivated, and specifically trained its sights on its National Publicity Secretary Lai Mohammed. “Ordinarily, we would not have dignified Alhaji Lai Mohammed’s latest vituperations in the service of his paymasters with a response, but we thought it necessary to warn that the Federal Government will not standby idly and let the nation be plunged into unnecessary crises and political instability because of the desperation and apparent readiness of the APC spokesman and his gang of power-seeking desperadoes to sacrifice the well-being of the country on the altar of their selfish personal ambitions.”Apparently rattled by the APC’s impeachment call, the presidency described the opposition party as having moved further beyond the bounds of honourable and acceptable political conduct, saying Mr. Jonathan continues to devote himself to the discharge of a “sacred” mandate freely given by Nigerians.“The APC, which remains a minority party with doubtful credentials in the National Assembly, knows fully well that its attempt to hector and blackmail a Parliament dominated by loyal members of the President’s party, the PDP, into an impeachment process, will come to nothing.”
It called the strategy an “outrageous gambit, with scant regard for peace, order, security and political stability in the country, in furtherance of [the APC’s] dastardly and heinous strategy of over-heating the polity and working to cause public disaffection against the Jonathan Presidency  with lies, false accusations and unjustifiable indictments  ahead of the 2015 general elections.”
The statement also called the APC statement as lacking “a single clearly defined charge” on the basis of which any plausible impeachment proceedings can be initiated.
“Alhaji Mohammed’s unscrupulous effort to drag the nation’s judiciary into its murky political warfare and his readiness to intimidate and blackmail  embers of the bench so as to secure a favourable outcome for his party in the pending case clearly shows that nothing is beyond the pale for him and the APC in pursuit of their quest for power,” the statement said, adding that the administration does not need Mohammed or the APC to remind it of its constitutional responsibility for the security and well-being of Nigerians.
It further asserted that Mr. Jonathan will continue to do his utmost best to achieve positive national transformation in all areas in spite of efforts by the opposition to thwart or disparage the work of his administration.Noting what it called the undisguised threat by the APC to foster public insurrection against the Federal Government if pending legal cases go against it, it urged Nigerians to take special note of “this boastful indication” of an intention to resort to lawlessness.
It threatened members of the APC and others “who make themselves its willing tools for the breach of public order and safety” with the full sanctions of the law, and warned those threatening fire and brimstone to be ready for “consequences of treasonable action.”
On APC’s reference’s reference to Obasanjo’s allegation concerning the training of snipers, the presidency called it a “false copy-cat allegation,” adding that it clearly shows that they are now in cahoots with some other elements that are bent on discrediting his administration and inciting the public against it.“We call on patriots to make the necessary distinction between such reckless violations of civic duty and the urgent need to protect the integrity of the Nigerian nation against those who for selfish reasons have declared their readiness to stop at nothing,” the statement said.
Mr. Jonathan has announced he will respond directly to Obasanjo’s 18-page letter, dated December 2, directly, asking his aides not to do so.  He has yet to do so.The two chambers of the National Assembly have also joined other Nigerians in demanding the president’s full response to the wholesale charges contained in the letter.

Source: Radio Biafra.

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