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Boko Haram Kills 12 Borno Villagers.

By SaharaReporters, New York

Boko Haram sect between Saturday and Sunday killed 12 villagers in two villages of Borno State and escaped without any resistance, several other villagers sustained serious injuries by the Boko Haram fighters.

A Christian pastor on mission work in the villages and another military source in the 7th Division of Nigerian Army, Maiduguri told SaharaReporters in separate telephone interviews.

The sources who don’t want to be mentioned, said, the attacks occurred in Tashan-Alade on Saturday during a wedding ceremony and also on Sunday.

The attackers stormed the villages on motorcycles and left over 20 persons with serious gun wounds, some of whom are being treated in Maiduguri and Michika in Adamawa state.

SaharaReporters could not reach, Col. Mohammed Dole, spokesman of the 7th Division of Nigerian Army in Maiduguri.

Ngama Rejects Yobe LGAs Elections, Says Governor Operates From Abuja With Family, Commissioners.

By SaharaReporters, New York

Nigeria’s Minister of State Finance, Yerima Ibrahim Ngama who hailed from Yobe State on Saturday rejected Saturday’s local government elections in his home state.

The Minister who insisted that there cannot be election in a State of Emergency accused Governor Ibrahim Gaidam of double standard on the basis that, the governor, his wife, children, and some commissioners operates from Abuja, hence he wonder the hypocrisy that the atmosphere in the state was conducive for elections.

The minister while rejecting the All Progressive Congress (APC) victory in Abuja said, “If he is saying that there was election, it is a shame. Because himself the governor sleeps here in Abuja. He is here in Abuja with his wife and children, if they said there was election, who was seen with his wife among his commissioners.

“I was home in Potiskum and there was even problem that week that led to the killing of about seven persons. It is laughable and shame if they are telling the world that there was election. They just went and write results and returned their selected people.”

Spokesman of Gaidam, Abdullahi Bego could not be reached but it would be recalled that Gaidam has two months back denied a report of SaharaReporters that he has relocated his family to Abuja.

Boko Haram may be operating from Cameroon.

Boko Haram 1

BOKO Haram insurgents may have struck from a new base in Cameroon, following renewed attacks on Borno villages, the military has said.

It was also learnt that the military seeks to prevail on the Federal Government to reach out to Cameroonian authorities on a bilateral campaign against the insurgents.

Last Saturday, Boko Haram attacked Arboko village, behind Gwoza Hills, killing five and burning 35 houses.

Unspecified number of insurgents were killed in a counter-attack by troops.

But investigation has linked the latest attack to a base being operated by Boko Haram in Northern Cameroon.

A military source said: “Last Saturday’s attack was not behind Sambisa Forest, but Gwoza Hills at Abroko.

“From available intelligence, the terrorists came in from Cameroon, killing five civilians and burning 35 houses.

“When we got the alert, troops were despatched to the locality, where they encountered the terrorists, killing and several of them.

“Following the superior counter-attack from our troops, the insurgents fled. The area is being searched at the moment.”

The source added: “We have strong clues that Boko Haram insurgents have shifted base to Cameroon. It is from this base that they have been invading villages and schools in Borno and Yobe states.

“What the military is doing now is to ask the Federal Government to enter into a pact with the Cameroonian government to rid the borders of insurgents.

“We are hopeful that with political understanding, it is a matter of time before the insurgents are checked.”

Defence Headquarters spokesman Maj-Gen. Chris Olubolade said: “Troops have been deployed in the village occupied by the insurgents and they have fled the area.

“We will also ensure the protection of life and property in the affected area.”

A statement by the spokesman of the 7 Division, Maiduguri, Col. Muhammad Dole, confirmed the encounters between troops on Maiduguri-Bama-Gwoza Road.

Dole said the success of air raid had depleted the strength of Boko Haram.

The statement said: “The air bombardment of insurgents’ hideouts in Mainok and Mada areas of Kaga and Konduga local government areas by the Air Force claimed the lives of some Boko Haram terrorists.

“The terrorists were seen conducting a funeral for their dead members around Mudube village.

“Troops of 7 Division encountered Boko Haram insurgents on the Maiduguri-Bama-Gwoza road during which eight terrorists were killed, three vehicles and three AK 47 rifles burnt, while scores of others fled with injuries.

“Recently, due to increased offensive ground and air strikes, there is serious decimation of Boko Haram fighters.

“This forced them (Boko Haram) to embark on a forceful conscription of youths and abduction of women. The troops are on their trail to ensure the safe release of these captives.”

Source: Radio Biafra.

Confirmed UFO Spotted Flying Over Devon England (Amazing Photos & VIDEO).

UFO spotted flying over Devon

Take a look at these photos of a bizarre shape hovering in the sky in broad daylight over the lush green fields of a wind farm in Devon.



The images show what appears to be a UFO floating above turbines at Fullabrook wind farm.

The mysterious object – which is grey in colour, quite large and oval-shaped – was unintentionally captured by a professional click-here-to-read-the-rest-of-this-story-on-before-its-news-from-now-the-end-begins-nteb-geoffrey-griderphotographer. He had been taking pictures of the wind farm, which lies between Barnstaple and Ilfracombe, last Saturday. However, when he later examined his footage, he realised he had captured the unidentified shape hovering in the sky.

by NTEB News Desk

GOP: Obamacare Concerns About More than Website Glitches.

The Obamacare website‘s problems are getting most of the headlines and complaints, but the president’s health care program has far more issues than just a few website glitches, Rep. Fred Upton says.

“The broken website has captured the nation’s attention, but this is more than a website problem,” the Michigan Republican, who chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee, said in Saturday’s GOP address.  “We are also concerned about what happens next.”

Story continues below video.

President Barack Obamain his own weekly address,  acknowledged the problems with the website, saying that there are people working “overtime” to fix its glitches., which have made it difficult for customers to sign on, get accurate costs for their new insurance policies and completing enrollment before the program’s Jan. 1 deadline.

Obama said the site’s problems are “frustrating for all of us who have worked so hard to make sure everyone who needs it gets health care.”

Upton, though, said the site’s issues are just part of the “troubled rollout of the law with its broken promises, missed deadlines, delays, special waivers, and now website crashes.”
And even though hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent, Upton complained, the website still does not work for most people.

“At a time when we can do everything from ordering a pizza, flowers, or airline tickets, or banking and paying bills, [people] expect the same reliable service from – and it’s still not ready for primetime,” said Upton.

Further, in the months leading up to the site’s Oct. 1 launch, the administration and the website’s contractors appeared before Upton’s committee, “looked us in the eye, and assured us repeatedly that everything was ‘on track,’ except that it wasn’t.”

Upton said the site’s glitches are making Americans wonder what will happen next.

“Will enrollment glitches become provider payment glitches?” he asked. “Will patients show up at their doctor’s office or hospital only to be told they aren’t in the system? And is the personal information Americans provide as part of the enrollment process safe from cyber hackers and identity theft?”

Upton also wondered how the administration can punish people by forcing them to buy a product they can’t afford from a system that doesn’t work. Further, he said, “millions of Americans are receiving unwelcome notices that their [insurance] plans are being terminated,” which is not what the health reform law promised.

Upton cheered a bipartisan call for the individual healthcare mandate to be delayed so that Americans won’t be punished for not being able to buy insurance through the broken system.

“The business mandate was delayed, and it’s only fair that individuals and families receive the same treatment,” said Upton. “Likewise, we should look for bipartisan solutions to allow Americans to keep their current insurance. After all, that was President Obama’s solemn promise during the health care debate.”

Obama on Saturday said the site has been visited more than 20 million times, and that nearly 700,000 people have applied for coverage, showing the high demand for affordable healthcare.

“And that’s why, in the coming weeks, we are going to get it working as smoothly as it’s supposed to,” Obama said. “We’ve got people working overtime, 24/7, to boost capacity and address these problems, every single day.”

But Obama on Saturday said it was interesting Thursday to see Republicans taking turns bashing the administration while demanding accountability for the website during a House hearing.

“It was interesting to see Republicans in Congress expressing so much concern that people are having trouble buying health insurance through the new website, especially considering they’ve spent the last few years so obsessed with denying those same people access to health insurance that they just shut down the government and threatened default over it,” the president said Saturday.

But he agreed he will work with opponents to improve the law, but “it’s well past the time for folks to stop rooting for its failure.”

And even though people have “poked fun at me this week for sounding like an insurance salesman,” Obama said, “I’d still be out there championing this law even if the website were perfect.”

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By Sandy Fitzgerald

A Lost Art: The Ministry of Encouragement.


Who are you encouraging? Who are you building up?(Tim Dorr)

When our home phone would ring on Saturday morning, I knew it was probably my future wife’s grandfather, Hubert Sparks, calling. He called my dad almost every Saturday morning. He didn’t call to complain, make a suggestion or ask for anything; he called because he was genuinely interested in the welfare of his pastor.

“Sparks here, Pastor. Just calling to see how you and your family are doing. How can I be praying for you today?” The conversations were always short and to the point, and my dad always hung up feeling better. Hubert Sparks was the most encouraging man I’ve ever met.

The ministry of encouragement seems to be a lost art, replaced by the art of networking. Every relationship needs to be milked for all it’s worth. Who does this person know? What can they teach me? How can they help me or my organization get ahead?

Lip service is given to a person’s well-being, but what we really want is information and connection. I love networking and helping others, but I find myself getting cynical when every email, text or phone call begins, “I was wondering if we could get together? I have something I want to run past you.”

This week I had the chance to catch up with some old friends in Charleston, S.C. None of them wanted or needed anything from me, and I wasn’t trying to learn, grow or network. We were just friends swapping stories, hurts and prayers.

I walked away from each conversation refreshed and encouraged. It made me wonder, “Who am I encouraging? Who loves to get my call or text because they know I’m just checking to see how they’re doing? Who looks forward to getting together for coffee because they know they will walk away encouraged?”

The interesting thing is that encouragement is a biblical imperative:

“So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing” (1 Thess. 5:11, NLT)

Who are you encouraging? Who are you building up? Who do you connect with on a regular basis with no agenda other than a genuine interest in their life? We all need a Grandpa Sparks in our lives.

Geoff Surratt has served as the pastor of church planting at Saddleback Church and pastor of ministries at Seacoast Church. He is the co-author of The Multisite Church Revolution and The Multisite Church Roadtrip as well as the author of Ten Stupid Things that Keep Churches from Growing. Geoff blogs here and Twitters here, but he juggles for no man.

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Written by Geoff Surratt

How Uduaghan Bribed Political Parties With N5Million To Endorse Delta Senatorial Bye-Election Results.

As controversy trails last Saturday’s Delta Central Senatorial bye-election, Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan is alleged to have doled out the sum of N5million to state chairmen of moribund political parties in the state to give the election a clean bill of health at a press conference today.

About 19 chairmen converged at the state secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Asaba for the conference, led to the event by the Special Adviser on Inter Parties Relations, Mr. Taju Isiche and the Special Adviser to the Governor on Education Monitoring, Mrs. Rhoda Ikede.

Confiding in a SaharaReporters correspondent, one of the party chairmen said they received their 30 pieces of silver following the press conference at the office of Mr. Isiche.  Each of them received a miserly N50,000.

At the event, perhaps under promises of vaster riches if they sang very loudly, they described the election as “the most transparent, free and fair election in our recent history.”

Declaring the press briefing open, Isiche, who ordered photographers to turn off their cameras, admonished the party chairmen to comport themselves in an orderly manner and to be of good behaviour in front of the journalists.

Before Isiche’s admonition, a mild drama had ensued between the Inter Party Special Adviser and some party chairmen who insisted that the SA should take a seat with them at the high table but he vehemently resisted, stating that he was not supposed to be among them in the first place.

Addressing the press on behalf of the group, the leader of the group and state chairman of a moribund ACPN, Mr. Paul Isamade, stated that earlier in the day, the party chairman met in an emergency gathering where they decided that the election should be given a clean bill of health.

“We commend INEC for the conduct of a transparent, free and fair election in which the PDP candidate, Chief (Hon) Emmanuel Edesiri Aguariavwodo polled a total 263, 024 votes to emerge the winner of the senatorial seat.”

They also congratulated Governor Uduaghan for what they described as “his role in ensuring a safe conduct of the most transparent, free and fair election in our recent history.”

The communiqué was signed by 19 party chairmen: Oke Idawene, SDP; Joe Chukwu, ADC; Efe Tobor, MPPP; Moses Abeh, APA; Chidi Odogwu, NNPP; Ngozi Ogbogo, AD; Paul Isamade, ACPN; Victor Egwuenu, PPN; Jude Eze, KOWA; Nelly Nwaka, AA; David Ebrunu, ACD; Ashikodi David, Accord Party; Peters Emuakpoje, CPP; Oluremi Mohammed, PDC; Anyanwu Ikechukwu, NCP; John Freeman Ghiadike, NPP; Tony Eboka, APGA; and Val Chichi, UDP.

Noticeably absent were the All Progressives Congress and the DPP.  They did not append their signatures to the communique, either.

The parties present also congratulated the Nigeria Police force, State Security Service (SSS), The Nigeria Civil Defence Corp’ and the military for what they called the maintenance of security law and order before, during and after the election, and called on all parties to the election to unconditionally accept the results as already announced by the electoral commission.

Curiously, not only could the chairmen not answer several questions thrown at them by the journalists, they contradicted themselves in several ways.

Some parties whose candidates had rejected the results of the election were also in attendance.  One of them was APGA chairman Tony Eboka, whose candidate, Chief Lucky Omoru, had vowed to go to the tribunal after earlier rejecting the results.  He made himself a laughing stock as he failed to answer questions put to him to reconcile his role and involvement in endorsing the results after his candidate had called for cancellation of the election.

The last may not have been heard of the apparently rigged press conference.

Lamented one chairman who spoke to our correspondent, “Each party chairman was given N50,000 each only but we learnt what the governor made available for this deal was more than what the SA gave us because he is fond of cheating us. In his office a source confided in us that the governor released the sum of N5million and if you calculate everything given us is not even half of what was released.”

If the purchasing price of the press conference by the governor was actually N5m, it means that the double-crossed party chairmen were shortchanged by an average of over N213,000.


Pope Francis Connects The Vatican System With Revelation 17.


A Woman Rides The Beast
Pope Francis made a startling admission on Saturday in Rome, admitting that not only is the Vatican system a “woman”, but that it’s also a “mother”. That is exactly what the bible calls her in the book of Revelation, see for yourself:

“And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead [was] a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” Revelation 17

This just may be the Pope that the unsaved world has been waiting for.

Vatican Radio: Pope Francis on Saturday spoke about “the vocation and the mission” of women on Saturday when addressing participants of a study seminar organized by the Women’s Section of the Pontifical Council for the Laity on the 25th anniversary of Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter Mulieris Dignitatem. The letter was the first in papal teaching dedicated entirely to the theme of the woman, and the study seminar in particular discussed the point which says that God entrusts man, the human being, to woman in a special way.

Pope Francis also spoke about the special gifts given to women in the Church.

“ I would like to underline how the woman has a particular sensitivity for the ‘things of God’, above all in helping us to understand the mercy, tenderness and love that God has for us,” he said. “ And it pleases me to think that the Church is not ‘il Chiesa’ [‘the Church’, masculine]: it is ‘la Chiesa’ [feminine]. The Church is a woman! The Church is a mother! And that’s beautiful, eh? We have to think deeply about this.”

The Pope said the document Mulieris Dignitatem arises in this context and offers a profound, organic reflection, with a solid anthropological base, enlightened by Revelation.

“From here, we must restart that work of deepening and of promoting, for which I have already hoped many times. Even in the Church, it is important to ask oneself: what presence does the woman have?” he said.

“I suffer – speaking truthfully! – when I see in the Church or in some ecclesial organizations that the role of service that we all have, and that we must have – but that the role of service of the woman slips into a role of “servidumbre” [Spanish: servitude]. . . But when I see women that do things out of “servitude” and not out of service,” said Pope Francis. “And that it is not understood well what a woman ought to do. Can she be valued more? It is a reality that is close to my heart and for this I wanted to meet … and bless you and your commitment. Thank you, let us move this forward together! May most holy Mary – a great woman, eh? – the Mother of Jesus and of all God’s children, accompany us. Thank you!” source – Radio Vaticana.

by NTEB News Desk

Death toll in Kaduna attacks hits 100 – Village heads.


Following last Saturday’s attack on Attakar community in Kaura Local Government Area of Kaduna State, during which 15 people were killed, the death toll in the series of attacks on Kaduna villages since March this year has risen to 100.

Also in the period under review, property, worth several millions of naira, including over 500 houses, household items and foodstuffs were destroyed and more than 10,000 natives displaced.

These revelations were made by the spokesman of the affected communities, and National President, Attakar Community Development Association (ACDA), Ishaya K. Samaila during a press conference in Fadan Attackar, yesterday.

This was even as the Paramount Ruler of Attakar Kingdom, Agwam Takad I, Chief Tobias Nkom Wada, on behalf of other community leaders present at the briefing, berated their representatives in the National Assembly for their failure to call Federal Government‘s attention to their plight. He expressed disappointment in the lawmakers for keeping quiet since March, when suspected Fulani gunmen began the onslaught on Attakar communities.

Recalling the incidents, Samaila said, “between March 19 and 20, Stephen Aboye was killed at Mafan and Markus Aba, shot dead in Telak by suspected Fulani gunmen. On the March 21, Attakar villages on the Plateau State axis including Kirim, Danti, Mayit, Zadian, Dajak, Tinga Mogwai and Durag were invaded, leaving 14 people dead, while 247 houses were burnt, including four churches and two schools. Personal items worth about 150million were destroyed in that attack”.

According to the community leader, “on March 30, Mafan, Muyit and Zilan communities were attacked in the afternoon, being the Easter eve. A total of 32 people were killed, with two churches and two primary schools and the entire villages razed.

“Also on May 13 in Zangan District, 13 people were killed in a night raid by suspected Fulani armed men. 82 houses were destroyed, including a church and a primary school. The assault also forced over 3,000 people to seek refuge in Zangan Secondary School.”

Ismaila said that the armed men had a breather until 2nd September, when Adu village in the same Zangan District was attacked. In the attack, a family of four was completely wiped out, leaving a death toll of nine, he recalled.

Speaking on the manner of the invasions including last Saturday’s in which 15 people were murdered, Ismaila said, “the mode of the attacks were as if their mission was to completely wipe out entire villages, children and women, not spared. The attacks seemed to have been directed at taking over our lands.” He lamented that attempts by his people to reclaim their lands were met with further attacks during which four lives were lost at Mayit and Tela communities. ” Fulanis have now settled in Mayit and other villages after displacing the Attakar people”, Samaila disclosed.

Despite all these attacks, the Attakar people have remained peaceful and law abiding and still allow Fulani herdsmen’s cattle to graze.

The Attakar people now called on the Federal Government to as a matter of urgency come to their aid.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Fire Guts 4-Storey Building In YABATECH.

YabaThe ground floor of the 4-storey Art building, Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), Yaba area of Lagos, Nigeria has been gutted by fire.

The fire started around 10:00 am on Saturday and before officials of the Lagos State Fire Service could put out the fire, the first floor of the building has been burnt as valuables worth millions of naira were lost in the inferno.

It was not clear what led to the fire, but unconfirmed source says it may be as a result of excessive heat emanating from the stored materials on the ground floor of the building.

Director, Lagos State Fire Service, Rasak Fadipe confirmed that the fire gutted the ground floor of the Art building, saying that the underground of the building was stored with large volume of stationeries.

He said the fire services received distressed call from the school and that his men were very prompt in arriving at the scene, which was the reason why the damage was minimal.

Fadipe added that the school’s in-house fire service began the process of putting out the fire but that when it was beyond them, they called the fire service around 10:38 am after the monthly environmental sanitation exercise.

He stated that when the fire service officers got to the scene, they had to break part of the building to gain access to the fire and were able to put it out in 50 minutes.

Source: African Examiner.

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