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Survey: Many in Muslim World Want Shariah as Law of Land.

Large majorities in the Muslim world want the Islamic legal and moral code of Shariah as the official law in their countries, but they disagree on what it includes and who should be subject to it, an extensive new survey says.

Over three-quarters of Muslims in the Middle East and North Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia want Shariah courts to decide family law issues such as divorce and property disputes, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life said on Tuesday.

Views on punishments such as chopping off thieves’ hands or decreeing death for apostates is more evenly divided in much of the Islamic world, although more than three-quarters of Muslims in South Asia say they are justified.

Those punishments have helped make Shariah controversial in some non-Islamic countries, where some critics say radical Muslims want to impose it on Western societies, but the survey shows views in Muslim countries are far from monolithic.

“Muslims are not equally comfortable with all aspects of Shariah,” said the study by the Washington-based Pew Forum. “Most do not believe it should be applied to non-Muslims.”

Unlike codified Western law, Shariah is a loosely defined set of moral and legal guidelines based on the Koran, the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (hadith) and Muslim traditions. Its rules and advice cover everything from prayers to personal hygiene.

More than four-fifths of the 38,000 Muslims interviewed in 39 countries said non-Muslims in their countries could practice their faith freely and that this was good.

This view was strongest in South Asia, where 97 percent of Bangladeshis and 96 percent of Pakistanis agreed, while the lowest Middle Eastern result was 77 percent in Egypt.

The survey polled only Muslims and not minorities. In several Muslim countries, embattled Christian minorities say they cannot practice their faith freely and are, in fact, subject to discrimination and physical attacks.

The survey produced mixed results on questions relating to the relationship between politics and Islam.

Democracy wins slight majorities in key Middle Eastern states — 54 percent in Iraq, 55 percent in Egypt — and falls to 29 percent in Pakistan. By contrast, it stands at 81 percent in Lebanon, 75 percent in Tunisia, and 70 percent in Bangladesh.

In most countries surveyed, Muslims were more worried about Islamist extremism than any other form of religious violence.

Suicide bombing was mostly rejected, although it won 40 percent support in the Palestinian territories, 39 percent in Afghanistan, 29 percent in Eygpt and 26 percent in Bangladesh.

Three-quarters say abortion is morally wrong and 80 percent or more rejected homosexuality and sex outside of marriage.

Views on whether women should decide themselves if they should wear a headscarf vary greatly, from 89 percent in Tunisia and 79 percent in Indonesia saying yes, and 45 percent in Iraq and 30 percent in Afghanistan saying no.

Majorities from 74 percent in Lebanon to 96 percent in Malaysia said wives should always obey their husbands.

Only a minority saw Sunni-Shi’ite tensions as a very big problem, ranging from 38 percent in Lebanon and 34 percent in Pakistan to 23 percent in Iraq and 14 percent in Turkey.

Conflict with other religions loomed larger, with 68 percent in Lebanon saying it was a big problem, 65 percent in Tunisia, 60 percent in Nigeria and 57 percent in Pakistan.

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Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood Calling For Sharia Law In Egypt.

The streets will run with the blood of all those who oppose them

Was just a short time ago that US President Barack Hussein Obama gave the Muslim Brotherhood the full faith and credit of the United States to overthrow the Egyptian government. The Muslim terror monster that Obama and friends intentionally created is now hungry and demands a sacrifice. Obama was able to do in just 4 short years what the Muslim Brotherhood on their own could not do in 50. The Muslim confederacy mentioned in Psalm 83 is now nearly complete. Thank you, brother Obama.

“They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee…” Psalm 83

From Yahoo News: CAIRO (AP) — Over 10,000 ultraconservative Muslims demonstrated Friday in downtown Cairo to demand that Egypt’s new constitution be based on the rulings of Islamic law, or Shariah, in the latest tussle over the role of religion in the country’s future.


Associated Press/Bernat Armangue – Egyptian Muslims shout Islamic slogans during a rally in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, Friday, Nov. 9, 2012. Thousands of ultraconservative Muslims rallied in the Egyptian capital, demanding the country’s new constitution be based on the rulings of Islamic law, or Shariah. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)

The writing of the constitution has been fraught with controversy since last year’s political uprising that toppled longtime autocrat Hosni Mubarak and ushered in the rise of formerly repressed Islamists to power. But Islamists themselves are not in agreement over the interpretation of Shariah and its place in the document.

Demonstrators in Tahrir Square demanded that the Muslim Brotherhood, the powerful Islamist group from which the country’s new President Mohammed Morsi hails, override liberal and secular objections and include language that could see religious scholars influencing what can become law.

“Shariah is our constitution,” and “The people demand the application of God’s law,” they chanted.

The controversy surrounding the constitution is centered on the wording of the second amendment. In the former constitution, the wording stated that the “principles of Islamic Shariah” are the basis of legislation. This wording is favored by liberals because they say it meets the broad ideas of Islam.

Ultraconservatives are pushing for more, though. They want the wording changed to state that the basis of law will be “the rulings of Shariah,” implying Egypt’s laws would have to abide by clerical interpretation.

The current 100-member panel writing the charter is led by the Muslim Brotherhood. There are eight women and eight Christians on the panel. It is the second constitutional assembly to be formed, with the first body dissolved by court order earlier this year after liberals and seculars walked out over complaints that Islamists were trying to dominate the process.

Ongoing controversy over the wording of the charter has thrown into question when the draft will be complete. Panel members say they plan to put the charter to a nationwide referendum before the end of the year.

However, liberals on the panel are again threatening to walk out and Islamists writing the draft are under pressure from more conservative groups to strongly enshrine Shariah in the constitution. Egypt’s new Coptic pope, Tawadros II, said this week that the constitution will not be acceptable if it is overtly religious. Courts are currently reviewing lawsuits calling for the assembly to be disbanded for a second time.

Egypt’s two most powerful political parties, the Brotherhood and more conservative Salafi Nour Party, said they were not participating in Friday’s protest, although many of their supporters did. The two groups, which hold an influential number of seats in the constitutional assembly, have said protests are premature since the constitution is still being written.

Many were bussed in from outside Cairo to take part in Friday’s rally, which was significantly smaller without the organized support of the Brotherhood.

Hassan Abdel-Hamid, from a town near the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, said parents should support Shariah because it will deter the harassment of women.

“Don’t be afraid of the application of Shariah, because if your daughter is coming home late at night nobody will harass her because he will face Shariah’s punishment and retribution,” Abdel-Hamid said.

Seeking to mollify ultraconservatives who accuse the Brotherhood of not advocating strongly enough for Islamic rule, the constitutional panel is now discussing adding a new article that would explain what the principles of Islamic Shariah are.

“People are scared of the application of Shariah, but I am telling Muslims and Christians and everyone that Islam is a mercy on all of us because it is based on the Quran’s rules,” protester Gaber Mohammed said.

Mohammed, like many of those protesting Friday, is a member of a party set up by the Gamaa Islamiya, once the country’s largest militant group that has since renounced violence.

Protesters waved the black Islamist flag and the Egyptian flag, and held traditional Friday prayers in the square after a sermon by conservative preacher, Mohammed al-Sagheer. ”My brothers, the Egyptian people love God, the Prophet (Muhammad) and the Kaaba,” he said, referring to the cube-shaped structure in Mecca toward which Muslims pray five times a day. source – Yahoo News

by NTEB News Desk

Christians Cringe as New Libya Embraces Shariah Law.



After months of fighting an oppressive dictator, Libyans rejoiced in Moammar Gadhafi‘s death last week.

The death, not just of the man but seemingly of the symbol of oppression, represented change and ultimately freedom.

But has freedom really come?

On Sunday, the nation’s interim leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil announced in a speech that the country would defer from now on to Islamic Shariah law.

Several sources report Jalil exclaiming, “Any law that violates Shariah is null and void legally.”

An immediate change to the way Libya runs was the decision that “the law of divorce and marriage” would be altered, now allowing for polygamy with few guidelines.

Tom Doyle with E3Partners says this is the very tip of the iceberg. It’s a steep downward slope from here.

“I think young revolutionaries again have kind of been duped where they thought they were getting rid of this terrible dictator but did not look down the line on what the potential was for the next leadership,” explains Doyle.

“What happened is they freed themselves from a dictator.

[Gadhafi] was not a great guy, admittedly.

But in the end, it’s going to be far worse for them with Shariah law being implemented and hardline Islam taking over.”

Some rebels have reported outrage at the announcement, but whether or not a decision made by a temporary government is legal hardly makes a difference, says Doyle.

“I don’t know if it’s legal, but when they establish Islamic law over national law, then in their minds (the radicals),” he explains, “they can do just about anything they think.

So even though it’s not constitutional, it probably won’t matter in the end.”

Doyle believes plans to utterly Islamicize Libya have been under way for a long time.

Under Gadhafi, Doyle points out, the solution to Libya’s problems was viewed as converting every Arab to Islam.

Christians were under serious duress.

Under stricter Shariah law, though, it will get worse—and fast.

“My guess is they’ll just … start using Shariah law as the ultimate authority even over governmental law,” observes Doyle.

“Once that happens, it becomes just like Iran: a paranoid country with secret police following people, and morality police, causing problems for everyone that lives there.”

Iran, however, has one of the fastest-growing churches in the world.

Ironically, recent history has proven that as hardline Islam has taken over nations like Iran, Syria and Afghanistan, people have grown desperate for hope, peace and truth.

Christians will be persecuted, but many Muslims will come to Christians for guidance.

“As hard as it is and as difficult as it is for the church, it ends up growing the church,” says Doyle, who firmly believes this will be the case in Libya.

Even in these early stages, it is clear that hearts are open and searching.

The Libyan church is prepared to boldly stand their ground no matter what may come.

Pray for believers in Libya to hold onto this courage, to cling to Christ, and to remain vibrant and passionate as they are. Pray for opportunities to abound in this otherwise daunting new era.

By Mission Network News.

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