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Nobel Peace Prize Summit To Discuss Creating A One World Religion.

AFP – Polish Nobel peace laureate Lech Walesa on Monday called for a new “secular Ten Commandments” to underpin universal values, addressing a summit of Nobel Peace Prize winners in Warsaw.


“We need to agree on common values for all religions as soon as possible, a kind of secular Ten Commandments on which we will build the world of tomorrow,” he said in an opening speech kicking off the three-day summit.

Walesa won the Nobel 30 years ago for leading Poland’s Solidarity trade union, which negotiated a peaceful end to communism in Poland in 1989.

Besides universal values, the international community nee.

ds to focus on the economy of tomorrow, he said.

“That’s definitely neither communism nor capitalism as we have it today,” said the former shipyard electrician, who became Poland’s first post-war democratic president.

The Dalai Lama, Iranian human rights advocate and 2003 Nobel winner Shirin Ebadi and Ireland’s 1976 laureate Betty Williams are taking part in the summit. Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who launched the summits in 2000, said he could not attend.

Hollywood star Sharon Stone is to receive the gathering’s Peace Summit Award for her anti-AIDS campaigning. The first eight summits were held in Rome. Since 2008, they have taken place in Berlin, Paris, Hiroshima and Chicago. source – France 24.

by NTEB News Desk

The Battle for Britain.

 sharon_stone_bEditor’s NoteThis short but noteworthy prophetic word about the recent riots across England is from Sharon Stone, European apostle for Christian International Ministries, an organization pioneered by Bill Hamon of Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.
She relayed this message to Hamon upon being asked what the Lord was showing her about the volatile situation. 

“Due to the imminent collapse of society, we regret to announce we are closing at 6 pm tonight.”

 This notice was written on a sandwich shop window during England’s riots and looting.

Here we have natural prophetic voices and spiritual prophetic voices blending throughout this disorder, declaring a broken society where an entitlement mentality based upon excessive benefits has led to criminality.

Many people have been allowed to feel the world owes them something and that their actions don’t have consequences.

This is a lack of responsibility and selfishness in parts of our society.

God says: “Who owes you?.

This is not about human rights, but excessive benefits conditioning.

What is occurring in the natural is contrary to what I am doing in the Spirit.

I am raising a revolution through young radicals, not looters without a cause.

“There will be a youth revival, which will not kill, steal and destroy.

They will know their God, be strong and do great exploits.

This will:

  • Help bring the nation into its destiny.
  • Build a spiritual momentum that will forcefully spread through nations.

“This is a release of worshiping warriors who will build and advance My kingdom.

As others around the world observe that I am moving in England, they will rejoice in hope.

For people will respond better to hope than fear. And the anarchy in the streets of England will give way to amazing grace demonstrated in power and love through young radicals.”

Rom. 5:20 reminds us: “But where sin increased, grace increased all the more.”

Intercessors, this is today’s Battle for Britain!

By Sharon Stone.

Chuck Pierce Dedicates Israel Prayer Garden During Pentecost Celebration.

chuck_pierce_prayergarden_croppedThe Pentecost Celebration, sponsored by Chuck Pierce‘s Glory of Zion International, not only focused on the Jewish feast of first fruits and the Day of Pentecost that launched the church, but it celebrated a new 215,000-square-foot ministry facility, a prayer tower and Israel Prayer Garden.

The facility just outside Denton, Texas was once a Boeing aircraft plant. Now 100,000 square feet will house Pierce’s growing ministry and separate local church, Glory of Zion Outreach.

The rest is being rented to businesses which fits into Glory of Zion’s vision for marketplace ministry.

With an emphasis on “restoration” the crowd of 1,500 cheered as Pierce told about the miracles that happened in the acquisition and demolition of the factory to become a ministry center.

The city gave the certificate of occupancy only 90 minutes before the first service, which was web-streamed around the world.

In the process of recycling $170,000 worth of debris, they found a metal tube that when blown sounds just like the blowing of a shofar.

Pierce sees significance in the “first fruits” aspect of of the Jewish feast of Pentecost or Shavu’ot, says Brian Kooiman, the ministry vice president, so the conference was a “first fruits” by the ministry for the new facility to those who attended.

The ministry charged no registration fee for the conference or webcast and even gave away music CDs.

The emphasis on Israel was shown in blowing a real shofar and in many ways from music and artwork to lighting a Shabbat candle on Friday.

But none was more beautiful than a five-acre Israel Prayer Garden designed by Pierce’s wife, Pam, who introduced plants native to Israel or native to Texas, similar to Israeli plants. Different areas in the garden are named after the 12 tribes of Israel with water sculptures, a threshing floor and a large “Lion of the Tribe of Judah” sculpture.

The garden was dedicated during the conference, as was a “prayer tower” in another part of the facility.

There were dancers, intercessors and many symbolic acts with prophetic significance. One of the most interesting was a processional by a ministry team from Hawaii explaining the regalia indicating the royalty believers are in Christ.

Then in a grand display they took off the traditional costumes showing that only Christ is King of Kings.

Speakers included Pierce, Sergio Scataglini, Barbara Yoder, Peter and Doris Wagner,
Sharon Stone and Kent Mattox.

A further report on the conference and videos about many of ministries who attended and a tour of the prayer garden will be posted soon.

By Steve Strang.

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