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Oduah To Spend N800m On Vehicles – PM News, Nigeria.


By Simon Ateba

Nigeria’s embattled Aviation Minister, Princess Stella Oduah, will spend at least N800 million on vehicles in 2014, after splashing N643 million on 54 vehicles in 2013, her budget proposal shows.

The budget proposal, obtained by P.M.NEWS, shows that Oduah will spend N250 million on eight operational vehicles for the Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB, a small agency of the ministry with personnel cost estimated at N150 million yearly.

The budget provision shows each vehicle will cost N30.125million. Many of the SUV brands available in the Nigerian market sell between N5m and N15m.

The minister, who appears to be a car freak will also shell another N500 million to buy a truck for the agency.

And in her main ministry, She will spend another N50 million on staff buses.
The budget proposal shows that the Ministry of Aviation will spend over N137 million on foreign trips.

Oduah will also spend N100 million on her controversial Aerotropolis Consultants, the city-airports she claims Nigeria desperately needs.

She will then spend another N20 million on other types of consultancies and another N425 million on consultancy of institutional reforms, legal services and commercial.

General consulting and professional services for the Nigerian Meteorological Agency will gulp over N8 million.

On airport internal access roads, Oduah would spend N200 million and another N100 million on Bilateral Air Services Agreements. She will also spend N100 million on security gateways on express roads.

The budget proposal shows that Oduah will also spend N100 million on airport toll gates and another N100 million to paint and repair runways.

Oduah will also equally N820 million on the maintenance agreement for the TRACON support services.

The Ministry of Aviation will spend over N13 million on refreshment and meals and another N9 on publicity.

In all the ministry has earmarked N26 billion for capital expenditure, N18 billion out of which will go into her pet project of ‘remodelling the country’s airports’.

Outside of this, she also plans to spend N250 million to plant flowers in the country’s main airports in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Enugu.

Her recurrent budget is estimated at N6 billion making the total budget of the ministry to be N32.3 billion.



I inherited total decay in aviation sector, Oduah tells Senate.

Stella Oduah

Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah, yesterday, told the Senate Committee on Aviation that the aviation sector

was in total collapse when she assumed duty as minister, saying she had repositioned the sector to meet global standards.

This came as she said investigation into the crashed Associated Airline was still on-going even as she disclosed that the ministry had established a black-box laboratory centre in the country.

Oduah said rather than being crucified over some challenges still in the sector, she deserved commendation as her efforts helped to give the country’s aviation sector a face-lift to meet modern challenges.The Aviation Minister said this when she appeared before the Senate Committee on Aviation.

She insisted that the aviation sector was in a deep rot when she took office in July 2011.The minister said: “The sector was dilapidated, unmanned and highly unprofessional” when she took a facility tour on assumption of office in July, 2011.

Princess Oduah disclosed that the nation’s airports were characterised by obsolete, unserviceable and unavailable safety and security before her assumption as minister.

The minister was invited by the committee to explain the possible causes of the incessant air accidents in the aviation sector in recent times as well as her role in the controversial purchase of two bullet-proof cars, which value was put at N255 million.

But she did not comment on the controversial bullet-proof cars.Playing a video tape of the crashed Associated Airline before members of the committee to see, Oduah called for understanding, saying the concluded investigation would unearth the problem that caused the air mishap.

According to her, what was operating then was an unsafe working condition for airport staff, especially those of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN.

“There were several abandoned control towers all over the nation. We had 154 abandoned control projects all over. There were also several runways without runway lighting.

“There were massive leakages of agencies’ revenue due to manipulation of manual revenue collection process.
“There was also further loss of revenue due to several lopsided so-called ‘concession’ agreements skewed against the government and public interests”, she added.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Much Ado About Bulletproof Cars By Prince Charles Dickson.

By Prince Charles Dickson

If the rat and the lizard are soaked by rain, the water dries from the lizard’s body but it does not dry from the rat’s body.

Nigerians are very dramatic people and this I have said countless times, all noise and very little in terms and focus and direction, all hot air, plenty smoke but no real fire–or at best sooner or later depending on the divide, the water dries, or the rat continues to suffer the cold long after the rain.

I have followed all the noise that has accompanied the BMW bulletproof cars bought by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority NCAA for our darling Minister For Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah, and quickly let me add, I have been part of the noise, but really what is the noise about?

Much ado about nothing, is it a case of how much do the cars really cost, was the price over-inflated, by how much, was it budgeted for, and less I forget, apart from being bulletproof, are the cars accident-proof, and do the cars fly over traffic, has the purchase improved the lifestyles of villagers from the Minister’s clan.

I am very aware of a few agencies owing salaries in the aviation ministry, indeed much ado about nothing.
Why are we screaming corruption, only weeks ago during the media tea-shop chat my beloved President said in one sweep, our problem is not corruption and has also said he knew those that were corrupt but won’t mention their names. On both counts I agree with him.

The only difference, and my addition is I will mention names or name mentions. There is nothing wrong or corrupt with a Minister who is gifted not one but two bulletproof cars when according to her aide to the Minister on media, Joe Obi, in a media interview confirmed the vehicles were purchased for her principal to protect her from “imminent threats.”

After all the last time I checked, about half a dozen ministers had bulletproof cars, some 30 governors had same, they are all under threats–I don’t know ordinary Nigerians can’t understand the threats to this leaders.

Much ado about nothing–the FCTA is proposing a new city gate for N64bn to tackle the threats–two things, the gate either leads to heaven or will equally be bulletproof. Few kilometers after the current city gate is a primary school without lavatory, classes holding in makeshift rooms.

Much ado about nothing, how much noise is being made, afterall Fashola’s government purchased  three bullet proof cars- Jeeps- with bomb detector apparatus and surveillance cameras.

Their brand of the bulletproof cars is identified as Toyota Prado Jeep, Oduah’s is BMW–so what?

“The cost of each jeep- including handling, registration, insurance and other fees- is two hundred million naira. The three jeeps are valued at six hundred million naira. This is double the amount spent by Ms Stella Oduah in the current bullet-proof jeep scandal.”

“The three automobiles were reportedly bought for Asiwaju Tinubu and Governor Fashola on grounds of ‘security’.”

“My comrade James Ibori bought $250,000 armor-plated Hummer several years ago.  When the “Act of God” caught up with him, he was in far-away Dubai. The bullet-proof Hummer was thousands of miles away and useless.

Lucky bought, Nyame bought, Bafarawa had, Orji Kalu bought, and the earth has and will not capitulate. We make so much noise, but really we are left drenched like the rat. While the actors dry up and give us the next script.

Months back, we screamed blue murder–give her panadol not postinor, even pagans became Islamic scholars, some asked when Mary conceived Jesus and swore to kill Yerima my brother with a sledge hammer forgetting the man is just a political ant–and after a few weeks much ado about nothing.

Did you know 19 governors will accompany Jonathan On Pilgrimage To Israel on October 22, 2013, they will also visit Rome and Greece on the prayer spree or spiritual journey, one which its importance cannot be over-emphasized.

Just as another 14 governors and countless state functionaries will be coming back from Hajj yet they all need bulletproof cars.

Sack her, fire him, and then appoint another to buy his/her own bulletproof Kia or Peugeot. Its a turn by turn affair. We, the people are at the receiving end. We have made more noise in few days about Stella’s bulletproof than our ‘solution-proof’ impasse between FG and ASUU.
Do I really care about bulletproof reasons for the misdemeanor of our government officials or their accident prone actions? No! I am only bothered that we are the real culprits, we are the rats wet with hatred, wet with idiosyncrasies of whose religion, ethnic, creed, all is good as long its our brother involved. We are the victims–after we make all the noise, another bulletproof scandal follows.
How about the jet-buying men of ‘god’, how much noise have we made, how about the billions spent eating in the villa, or the N900bn expended on ‘acts of god’ called constituency projects by the national assembly.

A nation with billion naira churches and mosques and yet we need bulletproof riding ministers, same ministers that have done so well, yet they are not scared proof, they forget that courage is only present where there is fear.

They buy bulletproofs, they give us Keke-NEPAP without proof, and SURE-proof: are we ready to demand good governance and responsive leadership irrespective of what proof they give for their maladministration–only time will tell.

Prince Charles Dickson

Yours In High Regards

234-8033311301, 8057152301

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters

Staff “Disloyalty” In The Nigerian Aviation Sector.

By Tony Ukachukwu

Is Aero Cpntractors going the Air Nigeria way? Staff of Aero has been sacked due to “DISLOYALTY”. Whilst we are yet to get over the Air Nigeria saga as Staff of Air Nigeria were sacked due to Disloyalty thus throwing more than 800 workers into the labour market and are yet to find thier feet. Jostling
for job from one start up airline to another. Now Aero throwing more than 400 workers in the the labour market because they cried foul for poor
salary and welfare packeges but were charged by the management for DISLOYALTY.

Sharp practices and short cuts by the airline operators nko? Who is in charge of making sure that airline workers are not marginalized or
shortchanged?Who says airline workers welfare is not a SAFETY issue?
Now Dana air‘s licence has been suspended as well,thier fate hanging on the balance at the time of filling this report.

Commissioning of airports are going on across the country, thanks to the Minister of Aviation Princess Stella Oduah and FAAN headed by Mr George
Uriesi for etching thier names in the sands of time but it goes beyond fancy buildings. What will become of Fancy airports whose facilities
cannot be enjoyed by the traffic of air travellers.How would these fancy building(that will delapidate due to our poor maintenance culture) be
optimally utilised if there not enough airlines. My point being that we are paying attention to remodelling of airports while airlines are
shutting down and workers are sacked, blaming it on DISLOYALTY….the new word trending for airline operators in recent times
The last has not being heard of this as some airlines still owe salaries with weak packages and running a one ‘man show’. The day thier workers
decide to wake up and fight for thier rights, then they shall be charged for DISLOYALTY.

Jimoh Ibrahim is still going around with salaries owed Air Nigera staff up to Four months,pension,corporative deductions of about 54million naira
and 34B intervention fund in his pocket yet AMCON,CBN, AND LEGISLATORS are turning the other way. Who will bail the cat?
The D.G of N.C.A.A Dr Harold Demuren has been sacked by Oga at the top, I hope this will change things as I also have confidence in who has been
nominated,Capt Fola Akinkuotu.

Our airports are so porous with officials begging air travellers for tips thus compromising thier jobs and just recently armed robbers invaded the
murtala mohammed international airport…how secure are our airports?
‘Na God go save’ Nigeria Aviation industry…. to be continued


General Ihejirika And Nigeria Divided Army By Ademola Bello.

By Ademola Bello

The Chief of Army Staff General Azubuike Ihejirika recently postponed his “Press Conference” to address the controversy in which Igbo officers benefited substantially from the new appointments. Since Aguiyi Ironsi ill-equipped administration Nigeria’s Army has never been enmeshed in serious ethnic industrial complex scandal.

Although, their circumstances were different but like General Ironsi, Ihejirika is thrust unexpectedly into a position of power. Nigeria as a nation we refuse to learn from history. One of the lessons of the 1966 coup that turned septic was that the head of the Nigerian Army aside his usual military procedures, must have a political instinct and should not alienate a major ethnic group through his decision.

General Ironsi alienated northerners, through contentious Army promotions that benefited Igbo officers; thus raising fears of a growing Igbo takeover of the Nigerian military. Unfortunately, General Ihejirika that ought to know better intentionally or unintentionally reinforced that ethnic hegemony through mishandled Army promotions that has divided the Nigerian Army culture, reduced morale, integrity, loyalty, responsibility and trust. While his postponed Press Conference, created more resentment and conspiracy theories.

Nigeria’s Army promotions should reflect National and Federal character, diversity and gender equality. If they cannot find women, they should look for binders full of women. There are brilliant and skillful Nigerians from each ethnic group in the Nigerian military and they all deserve equal treatments.

General Ihejirika’s action is troubling in the sense that as the Chief of Army Staff you don’t want to be seen as the leader whose actions would lead to fear and resentment by other major ethnic groups. And you also want to avoid sinister rumors and conspiracy that your actions are geared towards alienating officers that are not of Igbo descent.

Moreover, it does not help your cause, that your fierce defenders are members of your own ethnic group yelling meritocracy to justify your actions.
Nigerians are improbable actors, with repository of new and radical theatrical forms. Our politicians are Middle Ages, superstitious, and ignorant in comparison.

The problem with us Nigerians is that our actions tend to be about “What is the benefit for me or my ethnic group in this scheme? What’s in it for me or my ethnic group?  We cry of marginalization when things didn’t go our way, and we keep quiet about the perceived tribalism and marginalization or lauded both as meritocracy when political appointments and military promotions favors our own ethnic group.

I don’t drink the Kool-Aid, however, If anyone of you readers believe meritocracy is the norm in Nigeria today, wait a minute; I have a bridge to sell you. If meritocracy is today’s argument. That also means, no one should cry about lack of integration into mainstream Nigeria after the civil war, or marginalization of the past, present and future.

Ride on! The bandwagon meritocracy is the norm advocates. And simplicity soccer analogy of Stephen Keshi and Super Eagles is not going to win you any beauty contests.

I personally, think the size and budgets of the Nigerian Army needs to be reduced for greater efficiency. I will advocate retention of the current size and budgets unless they are fighting the Second Punic War in which they are going after Hannibal who escaped to Tunisia, where he was defeated by Scipio Africans. The budget and size reduction will also make military to be more focus to  devise brilliant strategies and logistics to combat Boko Haram and fight Al Qaeda in Mali. The present system is unsustainable because it is a bloated Military Industrial Complex.

Finally, General Ihejirika can rejoice as the owner of today, he can raise someone’s rank from something to something. He surely will get away with his nepotism under the weak Presidency of Goodluck Jonathan. The Minister of Aviation Stella Oduah-Ogiemwonyi can fire the remnants Yoruba people at the Federal Airports Authority and refill the slot with her own people. “Two steps forward one step back” As Chief Awolowo once said, “Nigeria is not a nation.

It is a mere geographical expression.” Yesterday wouldn’t be too soon. No condition is permanent. Someone from a different ethnic group will take advantage of his or her own power in the Army or Aviation Ministry in future to do ‘justice’ reflect ‘national character’ redress imbalance and reverse action. We have seen this before, history recalibrates time. We must live with the consequences of our actions.


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