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U.S. releases damning human rights report about Nigeria.


“The most serious human rights abuses during the year were those committed by Boko Haram.”
A new report by the United States has described Nigeria as a country where corruption, official impunity, and gross human rights violations occur at will.
The report described the human rights violations to include extra-judicial killings, rape, torture, mistreatment of detainees, destruction of property, violence against women, vigilante killings, child labour, forced and bonded labour, and discrimination based on sexual orientation.
This assessment of Nigeria is according to the 2013 Country Report on Human Rights. The report, which is now in its 38th year, is sanctioned by the U.S. Congress. It, amongst other things, helps inform the U.S. government policy and foreign assistance.
According to the report, the terrorist group, Boko Haram, and the Nigerian Government are the worst perpetrators of human rights abuses in the country.
“The most serious human rights abuses during the year were those committed by Boko Haram, which conducted killings, bombings, abduction and rape of women, and other attacks throughout the country, resulting in numerous deaths, injuries, and widespread destruction of property; those committed by security services, which perpetrated extrajudicial killings, torture, rape, beatings, arbitrary detention, mistreatment of detainees, and destruction of property; and widespread societal violence, including ethnic, regional, and religious violence,” the report said.
The report came hard on the Goodluck Jonathan administration for institutionalising impunity with the state pardon granted to serial money launderer and former governor of Bayelsa State, Dipreye Alamieyeseigha. It also said the Nigeria government has displayed no willingness to prosecute soldiers and police officers accused of gross human rights violations.
The report makes specific reference to the refusal of the government to prosecute members of the armed forces found to have perpetrated extrajudicial killing and torture in clear disregard of the recommendation of The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the Committee against Torture.
“During the year joint task forces (JTFs), composed of elements of the military, police, and other security services, conducted raids on militant groups and criminal suspects in the states of Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Kano, Kaduna, Kogi, Plateau, Sokoto, Taraba, Katsina, Jigawa, and Yobe. These raids resulted in numerous deaths of and injuries to alleged criminals, militants, and civilians. Local NGOs, international human rights groups, and political and traditional leaders in the affected states accused the security services of indiscriminate and extrajudicial killings.
“The national police, army, and other security forces committed extrajudicial killings and used lethal and excessive force to apprehend criminals and suspects as well as to disperse protesters. Authorities generally did not hold police accountable for the use of excessive or deadly force or for the deaths of persons in custody. The reports of state or federal panels of inquiry investigating suspicious deaths remained unpublished.”
Inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment
The report frowned at the technique of “parading” of suspects commonly used by the police. It observed that most of those paraded are subjected to public ridicule or abuse.
“Police commonly used a technique called “parading” of arrestees. Parading involved literally walking arrestees through public spaces, subjecting them to public ridicule and abuse.
“Bystanders often hurled taunts, food, and other objects. Police defended this practice with the argument that public humiliation helped deter crime,” it said.
It further observed that police flagrantly extort money from civilians and in blatant violation of the law. They use torture to extract confessions from suspects, which are later used to secure convictions in court.
The report indicts the police of rape and other sexual offences of women in their custody. In one example in Abraka in Delta State, in March 2013, a woman said four men raped her while she was in police custody. She said the police had put her in the same cell as the men. She accused the police of failing to help her. According to her, the investigating police office told her to keep quiet about the incident.
Over-crowded and disease-infested prisons
The report described a horrid condition of the country’s prison. It said the prisons are mostly over-crowded and in such deplorable states that they provide fertile breeding grounds for communicable disease. It said prisoners are poorly fed and their health neglected.
For instance, it observed that inmates with mental illness are kept among the general population. Prison warders are also accused of widespread torture, extortions, and sexual abuses such as rape of female inmates.
“Prison and detention center conditions remained harsh and life threatening. Prisoners, a majority of whom had not been tried, were subject to extrajudicial execution, torture, gross overcrowding, food and water shortages, inadequate medical treatment, deliberate and incidental exposure to heat and sun, and infrastructure deficiencies that led to wholly inadequate sanitary conditions and could result in death.”
“Reports indicated guards and prison officials extorted inmates or levied fees on them to pay for food, prison maintenance, and prisoner release. In some cases female inmates faced the threat of rape. Female prisoners pregnant at the time of incarceration gave birth to and raised their babies in prison,” it added.
“Overcrowding was a significant problem in some prisons. Although national capacity stood at 47,284, an imbalance in the use of prisons resulted in underutilization at some facilities, while others were at more than 800 percent of their designed capacity. For example, the Owerri Federal Prison had the capacity to hold 548 prisoners but held more than 1,784. Ogwuashi-Uku prison in Delta State, with a capacity to house 64 prisoners, housed 541, while Port Harcourt prison, with a capacity to hold 804, held 2,955. Ijebu-Ode prison in Lagos, with a capacity to hold 49 prisoners, held 309,” it continued.
“Although the law prohibits the imprisonment of children, minors–many of whom were born there–lived in the prisons. A 2006 report on the rights and welfare of children from the Federal Ministry of Women’s Affairs to the African Union found an estimated 6,000 children lived in prisons and detention centers. The Nigerian Prison Service reported, however, that as of March, 69 infants resided in prison with their mothers while 847 juvenile inmates were detained in juvenile detention centers.”
Freedom of Speech
The report observed that though the freedom of speech and a free press are guaranteed by the constitution, high-handed security and government officials still occasionally harass journalists.
The report made a case in point of the December 2012 raid of the homes and offices of the editor Musa Muhammad Awwal and reporter Aliyu Saleh of the Hausa-language weekly newspaper Al-Mizan, confiscating their phones and laptops as well as detaining the journalists and their wives.
“Politicians and political parties harassed and attacked journalists perceived as reporting on them or their interests in a negative manner. For example, on April 8, authorities in Abuja detained two reporters for Leadership Newspaper, Tony Amokeodo and Chibuzor Ukaibe, following the publication on April 3 of an article alleging that President Jonathan had ordered the disruption of operations of his political opponents. Authorities charged the two men with “vexatious publication.” All charges were later dropped.
“Journalists also were at risk of abduction. For example, in March assailants in Ondo State abducted a Nigeria Television Authority journalist, Olubunmi Oke, as she arrived home from work with her infant child and maid. The child and maid were later released. Media reports stated that the assailants had demanded an eight million naira ($50,240) ransom. Oke was freed after three days, following the payment of an undisclosed ransom.
Nicholas Ibekwe
(From Biafra Galaxy)

CSNAC Urges IGP To Release Report On Governor’s Suntai’s Letter to State Assembly.

By SaharaReporters, New York

The Civil Society Network Against Corruption (CSNAC), has urged the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr. M. D. Abubakar to release the report of the investigation demanded on August 27 by human rights lawyerFemi Falana (SAN) concerning the letter purportedly transmitted to the Taraba State House of Assembly by ailing Governor Suntai Danbaba.

Mr. Suntai, who was suffered brain injuries when a plane he was piloting crashed in October 2012, returned to Nigeria and to Taraba State from the United States on August 25 after 10 months of receiving treatment and rehabilitation.

“Barely one day after his return, a letter was delivered to the House declaring the governor’s fitness and readiness for work without affording the public a copy of his medical report of mental and physical fitness,” Mr. Falana had noted in his letter.

“That letter generated heated debate between supporters of the Acting Governor and Governor Suntai,” CSNAC said. “The veracity of the letter also divided the Taraba House of Assembly along lines of allegiance to either the Acting Governor or the returnee ailing Governor. The supporters of Acting Governor Umar, who are in the majority, succeeded in exposing the chicanery of those behind the generation and transmission of the letter with a demand to have a chat with Governor Suntai, who had not seen or spoken with any of them before then.”

Reflecting on developments since then, CSNAC noted the attempt on the life of the late Speaker and his eventual death two weeks ago, and the Deputy Speaker who escaped death by the whiskers last week.

It recalled that Mr. Falana had predicted the grave danger inherent in any failure to investigate the letter to confirm its authenticity, as there were several allegations within and outside Taraba State that it may have been forged by the governor’s handlers.

“In view of the above stated demands and unfavourable political developments currently playing out in that State, it is our expectation that your office must have concluded investigation into the matter, 3 months after, in view of its potential threat to the peace and development of not only Taraba but Nigeria as a whole. We are therefore, by this letter, demanding a copy of the outcome of that investigation.”

CSNAC is a coalition of over 150 anti-corruption organizations “whose primary aim is to constructively combat corruption vigorously and to ensure the effective monitoring of the various Anti-graft agencies in its activities in the fight against corruption and to enthrone transparency, accountability, probity, and total commitment in the fight to eradicate corruption in Nigeria.”

The Power of Drama In Taraba By Charles Ofoji.

By Charles Ofoji

The power drama in Taraba again underlines the fact that there is shortage of true democrats in Nigeria. What we have in abundance are people who see power as a big money spinning business. They will do anything to grab power and will go to any length to retain it. Nigerian leaders are mostly political opportunists and predators who eagerly feast on the benefits of a system of government without taking the burden. Democracy only flourishes when practiced by democrats and not pretenders, as in our case.

Last week, the Special Assistant on Media to the incapacitated governor of Taraba State, Mr. Sylvanus Giwa, audaciously announced the dissolution of the state cabinet. He claimed he was mandated by Governor Danbaba Suntai, who was aided back to the country recently after 10 months of medical sojourn in Germany and the United States.

Two days before, Suntai had allegedly written to the House of Assembly, intimating it of his intention to resume duty as executive Governor – despite the fact that he was seen being helped to alight from the chartered aircraft that brought him back from USA. Side by side the fact that he has neither consulted with his deputy, who has been acting as governor in his absence, nor addressed the people of the state since he came back. Notwithstanding these, his associates maintain that he has recovered enough to resume his official duties as governor.

This writer is sickened to watch the desperate moves by those who benefit from the governorship of Suntai to dubiously reclaim power and relevance. The interest of Taraba and its people does not matter to them as they orchestrate a shameless power game that can only cause confusion. What is in the interest of the people is, in fact, the last thing on their mind. What matters to them is just power and its attendant gains as common in Nigeria.

There is no doubt that Governor Suntai has survived. This is not open to dispute. What is open for determination are twofold: First, has he fully recovered mentally? And secondly, is his physical condition such that he is capable of executing his duties as governor, without the business of governance suffering?

Nothing answers both questions in the affirmative. After all, we all saw how he was helped off the plane that brought him back from America. Besides, up till now he has been incapable of addressing the people of Taraba, he wants to lead again. It is strange that the Taraba people are expected to follow a leader they cannot see. This apart, Speaker of the Taraba House of Assembly, Haruna Tsokwa, who confirmed receiving the letter sent to the House by the governor, said the lawmakers attempted to see Suntai, but they were prevented by those he described as a “cabal”. Why would he be prevented from seeing the governor if he is as fit as the so-called Cabal claims? Also, when Suntai eventually returned to Jalingo after months of absence, the acting governor, Alhaji Garba Umar, was denied access to his former boss by some hoods believed to be acting on the orders of some Suntai loyalists.

As a result of these, the House of Assembly summoned Suntai to appear before it to make an address, as a proof that he is fit enough to resume his office. Up till now, the governor has been unable to accept that invitation. Therefore, the whole thing points to another enactment of the late Umaru Yar’Adua power comedy, staged by those who failed to understand that leadership is all about serving people and the nation.

The problem is that we take things lightly in this country. The truth of the matter is that some criminals want to hijack the machinery of government in Taraba. I have no doubt in my mind that the letter purportedly written to the State House of Assembly is forged. In serious climes, the office of the Attorney General would have already been busy with investigation. There are unconfirmed reports that the wife of Suntai is behind the intrigue. This should be investigated and if found wanting, she should be punished according to the criminal laws of Nigeria. Or does she also have immunity? She must be told that the governorship of Taraba State is not the birth right of her husband. No one can govern from a sick bed.

One of the major threats to our democracy is the culture of impunity. This must be checked if democracy is to take root in Nigeria. Once again, I don’t expect President Goodluck Jonathan to be quiet over the brewing political impasse in Taraba. The socio-political and economic vibrations will be enormous. As leader of his party and once a victim of a power cabal, he should wade into the matter and see that the right thing is done.

If Suntai’s wife is really behind what is going on, then the question could be raised if she truly loves her husband? A woman that truly loves her husband would tell him to forget about the stress of governance in the interest of his health.



Is Chauvinism, Prejudice And Persecution The Only Solution To Our National Problems? By Ismail Datti Sa’id.

By Ismail Datti Sa’id

Looking at the day-to-day events occurring in our dear country Nigeria, it is obvious that the magnitude of moral bankruptcy in Nigeria had skyrocketed to a very high degree.

In the previous week, Nigerians were awash with a new political drama in which the sick and yet to be recovered from brain damaged Taraba state governor, Mr. Danbaba Suntai was imported back to the country by some cabals from within and outside the state. Though I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist, looking at his pictures of arrival in Abuja airport, it was obvious that this man is suffering form brain damage due to the serious accident he had. He looks frail and scared as if his supporters are his enemies readying to attack him the moment they capture him. The purpose of this drama by the political power mongers from within and outside the state together with the governor’s close allies is to block the way for the deputy governor to assume fully the post of the governor of the state so that he can exercise full power and autonomy for the benefit of the citizens. It became more obvious that they were not in support of the deputy governor, Alh.

Garba Umar at the time people were agitating he should be sworn in as the acting governor of the state due to the prolong medical trip of the state governor that has keep the state at limbo. Despite the hooks and crooks, the deputy governor succeeded in becoming an acting governor of the state. Later on, some reports emerged that the governor, Mr. Danbaba Suntai is incapacitated and will be difficult for him to resumed his duty but this report stands contrary with the one we have heard from the PDPs especially the Jerry Ganas, Jangs of Jos and the Susuwans of Benue who admitted that Suntai is ok and will be back soon to resume his duty as the governor of Taraba state.

As a result of this development, the religious political bigots surrounding the governor who never wished Muslims to rule a state for which they were also citizens and among the majority, began plotting. Some reliable sources also revealed that these bigots had back up from the top house of the nation. A house said to be presently occupied by politicians who are professionals in using religion and ethnicity as a tool for election maneuvering, election rigging and political success.

According to a reliable media report, some insiders said, the return of Danbaba Suntai from the US to Taraba flouted medical advice as he was due to finish his present round of medication on August 28th after which he is expected to begin another round of treatment. Even his wife was said to have initially resisted his sudden return until powerful forces prevailed on her and urged the madam to steer clear.

Forces within and outside the state have brought him back so that a letter would eventually be sent to the State House of Assembly whose members have been pressurized towards the next move. The governor is expected to proceed on either holiday or medical trip very soon, an insider said.

Conclusively, they engineered his return so that they will remain on power and used the ailing governor as a shield. The main aim is nothing but “don’t let a Muslim rule Taraba- “shi ke nan”.

If Danbaba Suntai is healed, he’s welcome to come and retake his seat but only if he can prove to the world he’s ok and mentally sound but if not why all this political brouhaha similar to the Yar’adua saga.

Apparently, all these forecasts, highlights and even more were replayed during the week in the real episodes of the drama of the born to rule governor of Taraba state , Mr. Danbaba Suntai alias ‘ko da rai ko ba rai sai na mulke ku’ (whether dead or alive I must rule you).

I thought we have leared from our past mistake and used it as a deterrent for our future problems but instead; we are proving our defiance towards the fundamental principles that bind us together as one people, one Nation. With all these happenings, what do you expect next from Kaduna, Gombe, Kogi or Adamawa? Unless a Machiavellian maneuvered style of Obasanjo and his best student Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to help the minorities in the aforementioned states to become governors which they knew it will be difficult for them to win by vote count.

President Johnathan as Obasanjo’s successor has proven to take the footstep of his predecessor and master. Obasanjo started the game, instead of choosing a trusted northerner to succeed him, he chose Atiku Abubakar simply to pave way for a Christian to rule Adamawa state. Then follows his intelligent student, Johnathan who chose Sambo as VP so that a Christian will rule Kaduna. Despite the fact that this trick was obvious and a game of dirty politics played against the Northern Muslims and Hausa Fulani in particular, the peaceful and enduring nature of the northerners kept them silent until God reversed the case in Kaduna. You all knew what happened but still some myopic and bigots claimed that it was a northern Muslims plot that assassinated the Christian governor of Kaduna. The question is, when Obasanjo and Jonathan chose their VPs’ from Adamawa and Kaduna is it a Christian or CAN plot? At least, there should be other sincere and acceptable ways to give opportunity to the minorities to rule but not through cunning and deceit ways that are capable of undermining our peaceful co-existence.

With all these political upheavals going on in our dear country Nigeria, one will be wondering where are the so called freedom fighters, the barking dogs of Nigeria, or is Soyinka on a leave that makes him silent on the Politricks of Taraba State. The ‘Save Nigeria group’, that claimed to have saved the nation from the hands of the Yar’adua Cabals trying to seize control of the country? Or is the Taraba saga different from the Yar’adua’s? Or is it because this is a case of a Christian to Muslim and not from Muslim to Christian that was why they kept mute? Apart from Femi Falana (SAN) and a few others none of these so call fundamental human right forces are agitating for the respect of the rule of law in Taraba state. Where are the men of God? Why the deaf and dumb attitude?

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality”.  – Desmond Tutu.

Well, despite your hypocrisy, the youths especially we from a region that is allegedly tagged with slanders and backlash comments are watching from a different perspective and our concern is growing deeper and deeper until justice and equity is shared equally among all irrespective of our backgrounds, religions and political inclinations.

We felt betrayed, marginalized and always been robbed of our right when it is our time to take the task.

In Nigeria, some media are biased and also their misrepresentation of the north has precipitated stereotypes and idiosyncratic beliefs against the people from the northern part of the country especially, the Hausa Fulani (Nigeria’s scape goat) and the Muslims from the north.

In the views of the tribalists and bigots, when it comes to attacking the north, they referred to it as one entity and also a Boko Haram conclave that are killing the Christian from the South. Ironically, when it comes to politricks, they don’t see the north as one entity. They coined words like ‘middle belt Christians’ and ‘Hausa Fulani Muslims’ to divide and rule us as well as segregating us from the rest of the society just because the Yoruba Muslims, Idoma Muslims, Bendel Muslims, Igala and Igbra Muslims, Igbo and Ekwere Muslims have been broken away from us. While the Northern and Southern Christians were becoming their brothers keepers hence, the silence of our brothers have paved the way to our unjust attack and the unjust denial of our fundamental rights as citizens of our dear country Nigeria, a country where Muslims are up to 60% of its population.

Even when it comes to our right of religious practice, the bigots gave us backlash comments especially, one that is currently ordained with the title of tribalist, Mr. Femi Fani Kayode. Imagine this islamophobic shelling words of hatred on our religion and to our respectful senator Yarima simply because he said our religion approves early marriage (when a woman reaches puberty) this bigot with some social egocentric elements took to their twitter TL and other mainstream media to rain abuse on him. Now that COZA’s pastor is in a sexual scandal, I expected such bigots to rain the same abuse they did to our respectful Sen. Yarima to their pastor but their hypocrisy kept them silent. Why? Because he is of the writers belief (religion). Instead of redirecting their energy to more pressing issues like crimes of corruption, mal- governance, cabalism, ASUU and Doctors strike, youth unemployment, or maybe social ills like fornication, adultery, prostitution and female genital mutilation or husbands killing wives? Pressing and actual issues and not made-up events but they tend to focus in another’s man business when theirs is getting rotten.

Perhaps, it is because we live in a country where a religious leader will be given a private Jet as a gift on his birthday so that he can open his big jaws to challenge other sections of the society and use the influence of his organization to cause instability in the country in a view of aiding his kinsman to win elections at a time when large populations of the country are living in abject poverty.

Furthermore, according to this renowned bigot of the first order, Fani-Kayode in one of his interviews at Channels TV, he shamelessly lied against our belief and went ahead to call us pedophilies just because we are exercising our right. Mark his words, “This is the only country in the world that allows child marriage, child sex and pedophilia apart from Saudi Arabia (who are about to change the law), Yemen and Iran. And it is Yarima that encourages this great evil in the name of his faith in Nigeria. 95 per cent of Muslim countries in the world today have specifically banned child marriage by law yet some people keep trying to justify this filthy practice in the name of their faith. He went further to say “The great faiths of Islam, Christianity and Judaism all have three things in common- firstly they are all derived from Father Abraham who was the ”father of faith”.

Secondly, they are all monotheism and believe in only one God. And thirdly they are designed to inspire us, to bring us closer to God, to guide us through our lives, to show us the way to heaven when our work on earth is done and to protect and support the weaker and more vulnerable ones in our community and society including the children. No religion was designed to prey on children and feed fat on them through perverse sexual appetite.” What a shameless liar. You want to teach me my religion when you have ignored the tenets of yours? Once again, shame on you! Your comments on Senator Yarima and your intrusion into our affairs exposed you and your likes as those who are suffering from a problem of religious and cultural dislocation as a result contact with of western civilization or western mode of life.

This bigot who is defiant to the canon of fair play and equal opportunity has failed to tell us why did he adulterate as quoted by one Oguwike Nwachukwu in his article ‘Femi Fani-Kayode’s Shabby Claim, he cited Kayode’s article entitled: ‘A WORD FOR THOSE THAT CALL ME A TRIBALIST’ in which the bigot ridiculously started reeling out the names of Igbo ladies he probably slept with for which only men who need psychiatric assistance can waste such precious time on how they perused the anatomy of the female homo sapiens.

This is a man that has failed to address or attack boring and relevant issues disturbing our great nation especially those people or institutions in the eastern part of the country where newborn babies and children are sold for ritual or prostitution business in Europe.  Is this crime worst than that of Yarima’s freedom of religion or is wajoko not an abomination or against the Christian creed whereby you test a Lady by impregnating her after all if you like you marry or dump her? Or is it worst than a crime that was recently confessed by one ‘turn a day pastor’, Shina Rambo who admitted to have pounded many babies and slept with his mother? Or is the sexual affairs of COZA’s pastor not enough for Fani Kayode to understand that Yarima is more righteous to God than the pastor who preached and called for demonstration against early marriage and ended up having some special extra curricula services with his clients?

Kayode think before you talk. You are a capital liar for saying the Yorubas don’t accepts early marriage but where were you when Prof. Ishaq Oloyode secretary Gen. of Jama’atu Nasril Islam of Nigeria, a Yoruba man, shed light on the issue of early marriage and stated that we muslims have the right to marry immediately the girl is matured. Shame on you bigot!

Our perseverance is not an act of cowardice but an innate habit that has bestowed us with patience and endurance, which is the key to our unity as one nation. For this reason, some people are misusing this advantage by attacking and bomb shelling us with all sorts of idiosyncratic comments. Even the sky has a limit and even the farthest point on the horizon is eventually breached. Every story has an end; all legends eventually fade and are, inevitably, surpassed. It is the way of things.

In a recent development, in what seem to be like an act of providence to us, a show of shame between these bigots occurred recently or is still going on when the former Minister (FFK) told the Igbos that Lagos is their ancestral land and not a no man’s land as claimed by some Igbos. To our surprise, the two groups wasted their time rattling and distorting history only to claim Lagos. One will ask is Lagos a Mecca or Rome? Well to me, I have no interest in a state that’s too tiny to share. A lagoon for that matter. My land is amass and enough for me to plant and build houses. And for the Dangotes, IRS, and Abdussamad who have invested much there, it’s left for these two groups to decide the faith of their properties in Lagos after they have succeeded in forming their south republic. Agberobiafiran republic or let suggests another, MASSOBOPIC republic.

I only have a little property there, a bungalow house. If you like demolish it for I have had much in my agricultural and fertile mass land. My onions, tomatoes, peppers, beans, groundnut and meat that was used to build the former capital will stop supplying there and it will be enough for me to survive. The MASSOBOPIC republic citizens will use crude oil as substitute or preferable Ogogoro. My forefathers never drank the crude nor even came to know about it and they survived and even traveled to Mecca by foot because of their good health living condition.

I will not end this article without citing Mr. Festus Odimegwu alias ‘master of calculus manipulator’. This man was sent to the National population Commission (NPC) to distort data. He recently asserted that the data result of the previous census in 2006 was inaccurate. His only target is the north. Why will they always say Kano is the most populous state in Nigeria?

Answer: How can you compare Kano population spread within a parameter of 20,131 km2 (7,773 sq mi) and the population of Lagos, which is compressed within 3,577 square kilometers? The people of the 44 local government areas in Kano and the people jam packed together in 20 Local government areas in Lagos. Even the Igbo community in Kano is more than 2millions not to mention the Lebanese and Egyptians communities. During the previous census many areas in Kano state were omitted especially the ones that are very remote.

Currently, Kano is expected to be more than 18million people. The state is booming, people from neighboring states as well as the Chinese and Indians keep relocating to Kano. In addition, we marry and have children continuously.

Unlike the south of Nigeria, in the north even the poorest can marry and borne as many children as they could. Standard of living is very cheap here. When family planning is part of family life in the south here some clerics preached against it and declared it un-Islamic. We are being mocked because our girls got married and borne children at the age of 13yrs, 14yrs, 15yrs, and above but when the head counts proves our population strength they go against it out of bias, hatred and sentiments. In the south most the girls in such ages are not dimmed for marriage unless after their higher education or success in business and this is proven today. Not to mention the booming celebrity business.

Some school of taught similar to Mr. Festus alias ‘calculus manipulator’ alleged that the north is full of desert while some even shamelessly lied that we are counted together with our goats and chickens. This is Ridiculous!

Enough is enough of all these nonsense allegations against the north and Hausa Fulanis. A tribe always accused of the shortcomings of the nation. A tribe always used by some Nigerian comedians from the south to portray an ignorant and useless human being. A tribe that has been ridiculously misrepresented with the only roles of an illiterate gate man or a womanizer Alhaji in Nollywood movies. A tribe that has become the sacrificial lamb and the scape goat to be blamed with all the Aguyi Ironsi(Igbo), Chukwuma Nzeagwu Kaduna(Igbos), Yakubu Gowon (Birom native), IBB (Nupe native), Obasanjo (Yoruba) and Abacha (Kanuri native) Abdussalmu Abubakar (nupe native)  failures or mistakes of their governments when they were military officers or head of states.

From now on, we would not keep quite or wait to watch some bigots and tribalists trying to destroy our beautiful and historical race that has established a civilized empire even before the invasion of Europeans to Africa. Their selfishness had made them blind and deaf to see and to speak the truth about us. If people especially the bigots, like Fani Kayode are ready to live together with us as one nation, they must learn to respect us (our culture and religion) for respect is reciprocal. We live in a democratic society that gave us the freedom to practice our religion without the interference of Islamophobic people like you.

For those wanting a nation of theirs, it is imperative for them to note that it is not in the interest of our forefathers that Gen. Lugard amalgamated us but of the queens and British interest. But for the purpose of African-hood or brotherliness, we decided to shame the queen whose main aims of amalgamating us is not for integration purposes but for commercial purposes in which our grandfathers were exploited to farm for the queen of England.

It is also pertinent to know that the military have dictated this country for more than 3 decades but of whose interest and benefits? Is it for the talakawas (poor masses) of the north or for themselves? Of whose benefit do they rule us? I believed the sincere answer is; of their benefits but not their regions, religion, or tribes benefits. If so, why our persecution? Haven’t you been to the north?

It is also worth to note that the Hausa Fulani and majority of tribes in the north especially the Kanuris and Nupes are civilized and educated as well as having economic institutions such as the trans sahara trade.

Education is not English speaking or only those taught in western languages should be regarded as the only intelligentsias. The problem here is that when the western missionaries came to the north to dominate us, we resisted and hence only a few of us were converted to the western religion and have the privilege of attaining western education. We already are educated and had an established system of government that is akin to that of our colonizers.

Finally, we have only two groups of people in Nigeria, the oppressed and the oppressors. These two groups can be found in any of the 372 tribes or ethnics and religions in Nigeria. Which of the groups did you fall in?

“The oppressors do not favor promoting the community as a whole, but rather selected leaders.” Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed

By Ismail Datti Sa’id Kano.

Twitter :@said_datti


The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of SaharaReporters 

Cabinet Dissolution In Taraba State Is Illegal‏-Femi Falana.


By Femi Falana

Since Governor Dambaba Suntai was brought back to the country on Sunday, August 25, 2013 by a cabal of political mongers in Taraba State he has been held incommunicado by those who have held him hostage. All efforts by the Acting Governor, the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, the Director of State Security Service and Commissioner of Police of Taraba State to meet with the Governor have been turned down by his captors because of the fact that he is not in a mental position to recognise anyone. The popular demand of the people of Taraba state that the Governor should address them has also been ignored by the cabal.

Yesterday, a letter was transmitted to the House of Assembly which claimed that the Governor has sice resumed dutiy.mOut of the 24 members of the House only seven believe that the letter has not been forged. Today, the political joke was carried to a ridiculous extent when the state cabinet was purportedly dissolved. The Governor who is alleged to have resumed duty and taken the decision has not been able to report in his office. In the circumstance, the members of the Taraba State Executive Council should remain on their duty posts and insist on an urgent meeting with the Governor with a view to confirming if he actually took the decision to sack them. On its own part the House should refrain from screening the list of commissioners being prepared by the cabal to replace the ‘sacked’ cabinet members.

Before the State is plunged into further political crisis the attention of the captors of the ailing Governor ought to be drawn to Section 1(2) of the Constitution which stipulates that no person or group persons can take over the country or any part of it except in accordance with the provisions of the said Constitution. The Federal Government should direct the security forces to round up the coup plotters who are currently ruling Taraba state by usurping the constitutional powers of the ailing Governor.

Having regard to the experience of Acting President Goodluck Jonathan ( as he then was) under the cabal that illegally ruled the country when the Late President Umar Yaradua was in a state of coma the Federal Government should not hesitate tonensurevthat the Consitution is upheld in Taraba state in the interest of law and order in the country.

Femi Falana SAN.


Governor Suntai And The Abuse Of The Constitution By Public Interest Lawyers League (PILL).

By Abdul Mahmud

Yesterday, Governor Suntai returned to the country almost exactly ten months after he was evacuated to Germany and later the United States for treatment of injuries he suffered in a plane crash. That he survived the crash and ten grueling months of recuperation from injuries that Nigerian newspapers and online blogs speculate range from a debilitating head injury to permanent mental and physical incapacitation is a testimony to his indomitable spirit.

However, his prolong absence raised, and still raises, questions over the state of his health, the extent of his injuries and the more specific question: is he fit to govern Taraba state?

The picture of a man being helped by aides down the gangway of an aircraft fuels the speculation that Governor Suntai is gravely ill, incapable of discharging the functions of his office. The failure of Governor Suntai to address the media or the people of Taraba state since his arrival in Jalingo appears indicative of a more serious medical case.

We have travelled the beaten path before. Recall President Yar’Adua’s saga. As it was then, so it is now: a public servant, feeling very poorly, is corralled by criminal cabal intent on subverting the spirit and letters of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended).

Today, like yesteryear, Governor Suntai is imprisoned by his aides and a wife who is more interested in power than that the desire to help her husband deal with his fate, the circumstances he has found himself, away from prying and inquisitive public. Nigerians must help Governor Suntai out of his misery.

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended) is very clear. Section 189 provides that:

The Governor or Deputy Governor of a State shall cease to hold office if:

• By a resolution passed by two-thirds majority of all members of the executive council of the state, it is declared that the Governor or Deputy Governor is incapable of discharging the functions of his office; and

• The declaration in paragraph (a) of this subsection is verified, after such medical examination as may be necessary by a medical panel established under subsection (4) of this section in its report to the Speaker of the House of Assembly

• Where the panel certifies in its report that in its opinion the Governor or Deputy Governor is suffering from such infirmity of body or mind as renders him permanently incapable of discharging the functions of his office, a notice thereof signed by the Speaker of the House of Assembly shall be published in the Official Gazette of the Government of the State.

• The Governor or Deputy Governor shall cease to hold office as from the date of publication of the notice of the medical report pursuant to subsection (2) of this section.

• The medical panel to which this section relates shall be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Assembly of the State, and shall comprise five medical practitioners in Nigeria.

The above section doesn’t need the adumbration of the court, nor does it elicit interpretation beyond what the Constitution charges named statutory bodies to give it its simple and plain meaning. Therefore, we call on the executive council of Taraba state and the Speaker of the Taraba state House of Assembly to give effect to the Constitution; and to without delay:

• Pass a resolution declaring Governor Suntai incapable of discharging the functions of his office;

• Appoint a medical panel as directed by Section 189 (4) to investigate the true medical state of Governor Suntai

Pursuant to the foregoing, we call on the Attorney-General of the Federation, as Chief Law Officer, and the Attorney-General of Taraba state to immediately initiate steps to protect and secure the sanctity of the Constitution. We shall serve no other notice of our intention to approach the court to compel them to discharge their constitutional functions if they fail to do so within seven (7) days of the publication of this press statement.

For those who ask: what is it with Taraba state and why Governor Suntai? Our response is that constitutional infractions undermine the integrity of constitutional democracy everywhere. And for a nascent democracy like ours, Taraba state poses a dangerous precedent; and it behoves us as Nigerians to resist this clear abuse and subversion of our constitution.

Abdul Mahmud



26th August, 2013


Stage-Managed Arrival: Acting Governor Shoved Aside As Governor Suntai Is Smuggled Out Of Jalingo Airport By Supporter.

A powerful cabal in Taraba that has now formed brain-damaged governor of Taraba, Danbaba Suntai to hijack power first by bringing  to Nigeria.
Today they continued the second leg of their political stunts in Jalingo, the state capital on Sunday afternoon by staging another fake triumphant arrival for the ailing governor.

Mr. Suntai arrived the state capital around 3:45 PM aboard a private jet chartered by the state government. Before his arrival the airport had been agog with rented crowds sourced from several local government in the state.

However, soon as his aircraft taxied to a halt state officials including the acting governor, Umar Garba were shoved aside by his supporters led by his wife, Hauwa.

Mr. Suntai supporters formed a human shield around him and took him into a maroon colored Range Rover and drove away from the airport to the governor’s lodge.

Contrary to protocol and well advertised announcement in the state media that the ailing governor would speak to his supporters, Mr. Suntai who looked confused, did not utter a word.

Mr. Suntai arrived from the US today after  10 months of absence. He was first flown to Germany to receive medical  treatment for injuries sustained while piloting a small plane that  crashed near the Yola airport in October 2012.

Medical sources have  repeatedly told Saharareporters that the governor is brain damaged, and  cannot function in any official capacity again except a miracle happens.
Minister of State for the Niger Delta ministry, Dairus, Emmanuel Bwacha representing Taraba south in the senate, Damian Dodo SAN, and John Dara accompanied the governor to Jalingo.

Soon after Mr. Suntai arrived the governor’s lodge, security chiefs in the state including the commissioner of police and the director of the State Security Services visited him but his wife turned them away claiming that doctors asked him to observe bed rest for 72 hours non-stop.

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