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National Conference: Igbos abroad move against Ike Nwachukwu.


A cross section of Igbos in the Diaspora have kicked against the choice of retired General Ike Nwachukwu as leader of the Igbo delegation to the National Conference inaugurated by President Goodluck Jonathan this evening in Abuja, the Nigerian capital.

Acting under the aegis of Nzuka-Igbo USA, they are demanding Nwachukwu’s withdrawal from the conference, saying that his antecedents do not inspire any confidence in his ability to represent Ndigbo well the confab. Nzuko-Igbo USA made its case in a statement signed by For and on behalf of Nzuko-Igbo USA Vincent O. Erondu, President; Owen Owunwanne, PhD, Secretary; Attorney Uche Okedi; Mr. Oster Nwankwo; Mr. Ugo Ukandu; Sylvester Nwaoye, PhD; and Mr. Clement Dennar, The statement reads as follws:

“Nzuko-Igbo USA, calls on South-East Governors Forum, Ohanaeze Ndiigbo, Aka-Ikenga and all stake holders in the South-East to please replace General Ike Nwachukwu as the leader of South – East delegation to the forthcoming National Conference.

“Various reactions are trailing General Ike Nwachukwu’s selection not only to be a member of the delegation from Abia state, but to lead the South-East delegates to the national conference. The issues arising from this nomination go beyond General Nwachukwu’s membership of Abia delegation, but how he emerged as the leader of the delegation. The public, particularly the Igbo would like to know who chose General Nwachukwu to lead the delegation. As for the membership of the delegation from Abia State, no one should be surprised that he made the list. “Governor T.A. Orji never believes in fairness, experience and equity. He is an ardent believer in personality cult, rubbing the palms of praise singers, hand outs to political party agents disguised as traditional rulers, instead of using public resources to execute projects beneficial to the citizenry regardless of status, ethnicity, and local government of origin.

“Unreservedly, we admit that Abia state delegates to the conference are qualitative. Abia has so many qualified people for this job in all respects. Picking just 10 with all the strings attached is an onerous task. The two Generals; Ike Nwachukwu and Ihejirika should not have been on the delegation list for obvious and different reasons.  With several qualified persons in Abia and the South-East region the choice of General Nwachukwu as a delegate let alone leader of the team is a mistake that should have been avoided.

“Whoever that recommended or chose General Ike Nwachukwu to lead our delegation should tell us when the General began to take interest in Abia State, Igbo and regional matters. Do his supporters not know that this General has a lot of political baggage? He has not been able to defend all allegations against him about the Nigerian-Biafra war. He is not known to be a builder or a leader even though he led soldiers.  The National Conference calls for civilian leadership. It is not for the elites alone, or for the military top brass. General Nwachukwu was given the opportunity to lead the Igbo twice: as Military Governor and Senator but he blew the opportunity each time.

“As a military Governor, he set the Igbo clock of progress backward. He destroyed all that Governor S.O. Mbakwe put in place. Our cities Aba, Owerri, Umuahia, etc began to deteriorate as all rubbish/trash bins stationed at strategic places for the proper disposal of rubbish/trash disappeared. His era marked the genesis of urban deterioration in the old Imo State. Our cities are yet to recover from the disappearance of the sanitary equipments. We were subjected to Educational suffocation as he abolished a system that had campus in the five senatorial districts of the state and replaced it with a single campus university. Each campus of the then Imo State University system had the potential of developing into a university. The cost to the Igbo as a result of this hindsight or lack of planning is not quantifiable.

“As a senator, he was not effective. Let him tell the Igbo Bills he initiated to correct the structural imbalance and obnoxious military decrees and edits that targets the Igbo, including boundary adjustments to deprive Igbo States off shore oil revenues. Since he left the Senate and retired to private life what Igbo group does he belonged to and what has he done to further the interest of the Igbo or our region. Former Senator Joseph Waku from Benue State (a retired Non Commission Officer) was more active than our General in the Senate. Since Senator Waku left the Senate he has been active in Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF).  He is heard in almost every national debate but nobody hears from General Nwachukwu. Now he wants to lead the South-East delegation to the National Conference.

“In 2003 General Elections, General Ike Nwachukwu contested for the presidency of Nigeria. He was the flag bearer of National Democratic Party (NDP). His campaign never got off the ground, turnaround he was merely filling in for a northern General. How can the Igbo trust his leadership to the National Conference?  Considering all of the above, this man does not have us at heart. He does not know our states, Igbo or our regional problems and boundaries. He lacks community spirit and community organizing skills. We have not read where the Federal Government indicated that zonal delegates must be lead by retired Generals. South-East may be the only zone to be led by an uninterested retired General in a predominantly civilian affair.

“The old war horse Senator Uche Chukwumereije is suitable for this leadership position, but for the national assembly’s lackadaisical attitude towards the national conference. Senator Chukwumereije, is a solid gentleman who would under no circumstance stab his people or colleagues at the back. We understand Senators Adolphus Wabara and Senator Ken Nnamani, having held the highest political office currently in the South-East zone can lead the delegation. As a matter of fact any vibrant and experienced politician from the zone should replace General Ike Nwachukwu. We are not short of qualified personalities. We still have people like Admiral Ebite Ukiwe who has fully integrated himself into civilian society and has participated directly or indirectly in matters affecting the region and Nigeria at large. Replacing General Ike Nwachukwu is imperative to get our delegation back to track and have them enjoy the fullest support of our people the represented.

“The constitutional Conference is a rarity; Nigerians have agitated for it for several years. It offers an opportunity to shelve or consign all manners of injustices, inequalities, imposed colonial and military constitutions, to the dust bin and put traditional colonists in check. It will replace the anomalies in our polity and lay the foundations for modern Federal system of Government rooted in democratic principles and Rule of Law.

“General Azubuike Ihejirika, the Darling of the people: This newly retired gentleman should not have been nominated to the National Conference. He needs time to rest, reintegrate himself into civilian society, and understand the needs and aspirations of his people at various levels; Local, State, Regional and Federal governments. His accomplishments speak for themselves. When our win at all cost politicians could not retrieve the arms they gave to their tugs and kidnappers to intimidate their opponents and the public for election purposes, and could not provide them with livelihood, the tugs turned their weapon on our people. General Ihejirika with the blessings of President Jonathan rid our home of the tugs turned kidnappers and made the South-East livable again. General! Take it “Nwayoly” Age is on your side. We shall not forget when your time comes. We also, disagree that the elevation of General Ihejirika ended Igbo marginalization in Nigerian Army but a desirable improvement to our aged long situation.

“The stake holders and the powers that be in the South-East should feel the pulse of the people, read and digest comments from various Igbo organization and individuals and act accordingly.

Remember that “a stitch in time saves nine”. Avoid had we known.

“Nzuko-Igbo USA, calls on South-East Governors Forum, Ohanaeze Ndiigbo, Aka-Ikenga and all stake holders in the South-East to please replace General Ike Nwachukwu as the leader of South-East delegation to the forthcoming National Conference.”

Source News Express



massob pLATE

The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, over the weekend, launched new Biafra motorcycle plate number in Enugu.

MASSOB leader, Chief Raph Uwazurike, who performed the official launching in Nsukka called on Ndigbo to see the new Biafra plate number as their identity and as one of the criteria for the realization of freedom.

Uwazuruike, represented by Chief Larry Odimma, Aba Regional Administrator of MASSOB, enjoined members not to be afraid of purchasing the plate number.

“I am here on the mandate of our leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike to launch this plate number, which is aimed at identifying Biafrans and forestalling criminal activities among people who hide under our name to perpetrate evil”, he said.

According to Odimma, the plate number would be sold to people with unquestionable character.

He said, “the national leadership of MASSOB applauds the freedom being enjoyed here in Enugu State unlike what we witness in places like Aba, Ontisha and Umuahia, where our members are constantly harassed by security agents”.

He sued for continuity of peace and harmony in the conduct of MASSOB activities in the state

“We urge you to continue in our vision of non- violence and non-arms carrying as we march towards the take off of Biafra government”, he added.

In his remark, the Regional Administrator of MASSOB in Nsukka, Mr. Kenneth Okwudili said the region expects everyone who shares in the dream of MASSOB to comply and get the plate number

“We expect every true and honest Igbo man with motorcycle to come forward and buy the plate number; this is our identity as Biafrans and we have to embrace it”, he stated.

He further noted that since the creation of Nsukka into a region in 2010, they had managed and sustained the struggle of MASSOB, adding that the launching of the plate number was part of their contribution to the sustenance and struggle for the actualization of the sovereign state of Biafra.
“MASSOB members will continue to partner and support the ideas of the Joshua of our time, Chief Dr. Ralph Uwazuruike in his course of maintaining non violence in actualizing Biafra”, he assured.

DailyPost learnt that the MASSOB plate number costs N1, 500.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Return to develop your land, group tells Ndigbo -says Igbo World Union.



A socio – political group, Igbo World Union, IWU, has called on Igbo people living overseas to return home and develop Igbo land.

In an interview with journalists in Umuahia, President-General of the group, Dr. Mishak Nnanta, said his group is ready to partner with any organisation that shares its major objective of the development and unity of Ndigbo.

“We are appealing to well meaning Igbo sons and daughters to return home and help develop Igbo land. IWU is poised to stop the brain drain among our people. Only Ndigbo can develop Igbo land; not the Hausa, Yoruba or Ijaw people.

Igbos are hardworking people and should use our God-given resources to our advantage. Igbo World Union is about culture, tradition, development and bringing Ndigbo to the realities of the present day Nigeria.


“We are a new generation; a new generation in thinking, in strategy, in bringing glory and honour to our country, Nigeria.”

Nnanta disclosed that he will soon embark on a campaign abroad to sensitise Ndigbo on the need to return and invest at home.

“In February 2014, I will be away to Germany, Russia, England, USA and other countries to sensitize Ndigbo to remember their roots. We need more development in Igbo land. What sets us apart from other groups is that the unity of Ndigbo and the development of our land is of utmost concern to us. We are set to build a new Igbo.”

He commended the recent visit of the leaders of Ohanaeze Ndigbo to President Goodluck Jonathan, stressing that such visits should be on regular basis and extended to other ethnic groups to build bridges of understanding in the country.

The president-general further dismissed reports in a national daily alleging that leaders of Ohanaeze Ndigbo fought over a gift given to them by President Jonathan.

“Such reports are not true. We have credible people in Ohanaeze Ndigbo like Prof. Anya O. Anya; Chairman of the Abia State Council of Traditional Rulers, Eze Eberechi Dick; Chairman of South-East Council of Traditional Rulers; Eze Cletus Ilomuanya, among other eminent personalities who are highly respected.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Literally, An Abia Man Lost Two Of His People For Not Thinking Straight, Sold His Child To Bury Father.

child traficking

Kingsley Ubani, 26, from Eziama Nsulu in Isiala Ngwa North Local Government Area of Abi, has admitted selling his three-year-old son to raise money to bury his father.
Mr. Ubani said this on Thursday in Umuahia when the Abia State Police Command paraded two child trafficking suspects and 19 pregnant young ladies.
He said that he sold his 44-month-old son in November 2012 at the rate of N260, 000 to a woman who is now at large.
“I told my wife that I don’t have money to bury my father who was in the mortuary at that time and she approved of the transaction,” Mr. Ubani said.
Earlier, the Commissioner of Police in Abia, Usman Tilli, told journalists that the suspect was arrested following a tip-off.
He said that investigations led to the recovery of the child who had been handed over to the grandfather for care and protection.
Mr. Tilli said that the police had on November 11 also arrested another suspect, ChimereSunday of Osisioma Local Government Area of the state for selling his two children.
He said that upon investigation, one of the children was recovered, adding that the buyers were on police wanted list.
Also, Mr. Tilli said that the 19 pregnant teenagers / persons, who were also paraded, were rescued from an illegal charity home at Umuobia Housing Estate, Olokoro in Umuahia North Local Government Area of the state.
“A team of policemen from the command raided the home during which the pregnant girls between the ages of 15 and 23, including a nursing mother, were rescued,” he said.
Mr. Tilli said that the son and daughter-in-law of the operator of the illegal home were arrested while the prime suspect, Nma Achumba, was at large.
He said that Achumba hitherto operated her illegal charity home in Aba, but decided to relocate to the rural area due to police crackdown on traffickers in the commercial city.
“We have given child traffickers a lot of chase in Aba and they now relocated to the rural areas,” he said.
Reacting to the development, Uchechukwu Ohuabunwa, son of the operator of the illegal charity home, said that he had severally advised his mother to stay away from such illegal business.
“I don’t know where my mother is at the moment though she told me that she was going for our father’s burial.
“I had earlier told her to let go of this business but she did not listen,” Mr. Ohuabunwa said.
Meanwhile, Mr. Tilli has assured residents of the state of a crime free Yuletide.
He said that his confidence stemmed from the fact that the Command had cracked down and arrested notorious armed robbers and car snatchers who terrorised the area.

Source: Radio Biafra.

Again Abia police rescue 19 pregnant girls from illegal home.

Baby Factory

The Abia State Police Command yesterday paraded 19 pregnant girls in Umuahia, the state capital.

The rescued pregnant teenagers are: Mercy Francis, 18; Valentine Ikediora, 18; Martha Joseph, 19; Tina Inau, 20; Oluomachi Friday,19; Nkechi Eze, 22; Chidinma Andrew, 19; Grace Bassey, 23; Ifunaya Chika,19; Ibe Amarachi, 18; Uduak Thomas,19; Favour Sunday, 21; Caroline Peter, 22; Chikamso Magbo,15; Peace Patrick,16; Mary Linus, 19; Gift Nwankwo, 22; Ogechi Okoro, 22 and Happy Sunday, 18.

The state Commissioner of Police, Usman Tilli Abubakar, told journalists that the teenage mothers were arrested at an illegal charity

home at Umuobia Housing Estate in Olokoro Umuahia, a suburb of the state capital.

The illegal home reportedly belongs to one Mma Achumba.

The pregnant girls were said to have hailed Abia and other neighbouring states. During the raid, a nursing mother with a day-oldbaby was rescued as the son and daughter in-law of the fleeing proprietress were arrested.

Similarly, one Kingsley Ubani from Eziama Nsulu in Isiala Ngwa North Local Government Area of the state was arrested for allegedly stealing the male son of one Mrs. Chioma Onu.

Upon investigation, the suspect confessed to have sold the male child to one Mrs. Nma to enable him raise money for the burial of his relation. But the victim child was later recovered and handed over to his grandfather for care and protection.

Also two hoodlums were found with three AK 47 rifles and one military rifle hidden in a bag and buried in the ground. Investigations revealed that the recovered AK 47 rifles were those grabbed from Inspectors Jimmy John and Kingsley Etuk who were shot dead recently along the Aba/ Enugu Expressway by some armed robbers.

However, three men suspected for gun running namely: Nwandi Emmanuel, 39; Ngozi Chiyere, 25, and Ekechi Emmanuel, 39; were arrested. Exhibits recovered from them are one locallymade revolver pistol and components of .8mm pistol concealed in a polythene bag. Some suspected armed robbers and car snatchers were also arrested.

They are Ikenna Chukwu who hails from Aha village in Orlu East Local Government Area of Imo State; Ndubuisi Emmanuel of Nkpa village in Afikpo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State; Moses Chimezie Amuchionu of Isingu Mbutu Osisioma Local Government Area of Abia State and Kelvin Chinedu Goodluck of Umuchi Isiala Ngwa North Local Government Area of Abia State.

Items recovered from them are three locally made pistol, Keke Napep, one black Toyota Camry car marked LSD 478 BT, a dark grey Toyota Camry car marked DQ 231 DBU and various master keys and other incriminating items.

The police commissioner, however, said he would arraign the suspects before court as early as possible and promised hoodlums’ hard time this Yuletide season

 Source: Radio Biafra.

Crime: Report Criminals To Security Agents– Gov. Orji Urges Abia Landlords.


Abia state Governor, Theodore Ahamefula Orji has appealed to landlords in the state to always  have detailed information about their tenants, just as he enjoined  them to report people of dubious and questionable character to law enforcement agents.

Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State

Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State

According to the Governor, such measures would go a long way in  reducing crime in the State.

He made the appeal on Friday during an interactive session with landlords in the state at the Michael Okpara Auditorium, Umuahia.

Hear him: “As landlords, you know the character of those living in your houses.

“If there is anybody who has a questionable character and who is suspected to engage in criminal activities, just use your phones and let us know and then leave the rest for us.’’

Orji however, gave out the telephone numbers of Government House Chief Security Officer and Control Room to the landlords to use in case of security threats in their areas.

He also gave out the numbers of the Commissioner of Police and 14 Brigade Commander of the Nigerian Army in Ohafia.

The Governor said the heads of security agencies were ready to receive relevant information on security challenge in the state.

He also promised that his administration would initiate stringent measures to deal with those using his name to defraud unsuspecting people in Umuahia and Aba.

According to him, government was aware of imposition of taxes and levies by unscrupulous elements in the two major cities and promised to deal with the issue squarely.

He described the practice as double taxation, expressing regrets that the money being collected was not getting into government’s coffers.

He therefore, told the landlords to dismantle all projections being used for the display of wares in their buildings.

The state government he said, halted the demolition of the projections by the Umuahia Capital Development Authority in order to give the landlords time to dismantle them by themselves.

Government, he added, frowned at the conversion of residential buildings in Umuahia into shops.

He explained that the relocation of old Umuahia main market to Ubani Ibeku was borne out of his administration’s commitment to give Umuahia the befitting look of a capital city.

Governor Orji told the landlords that government had initiated discussions with land owners to acquire more land for the expansion of Ubani Ibeku market so as to accommodate more traders.

The governor also appealed to owners of private and public buildings in Umuahia to give their houses a facelift so as to enhance the state capital’s aesthetics.

He urged them to re-paint their buildings as many of them had remained unpainted for several years.

“You can paint the outside and leave the inside’’, he said, urging them not to go for the high quality and expensive paints.

Source: African Examiner.

About 16 years of very bad governance, Abia’s problem or cure?.

T.A Orji
By Chijioke Ngobili
One of the foremost Igbo intellectuals and a great historian fiercely told me after asking me a few questions about Abia State:
“Chijioke, something is definitely wrong with ndị Abia State. And whatever that’s wrong with them can be traced historically. I guess a certain curse is following some of their groups, and that’s why you have them comfortably silent in that decrepit condition of their State. We must try to know a people, and when we know that, we can know why they behave like they do and why they have a particular problem”.
I’m not going deeper into the import of that statement, but no doubt, something is definitely wrong with ndị Abia State and of course, things can’t be alright with Abia State when something is most certainly wrong with its people.
It baffles me the most that nobody is talking about it. Or, may I ask; has anybody forbidden anyone to talk about it?
Heck, nobody is talking about the decrepit, most woeful, most shameful, most raped, most debasing, most back-ridden and highly mangled state of Abia State; yet, ndị Abia and other Igbo persons are busy talking about Anambra, Imo, Ebonyi and Enugu politics.
From Ngwa road – Ehi road – Port-Harcourt road – Cameroun road – Milverton – Eziukwu road – Asa road – Ohanku road – to any of the most plied roads, one sees a dead Aba in the peace of a graveyard. From Osisioma park to Main Park to other parks, one sees a dead Aba contaminating its dwellers with huge doses of sicknesses like hepatitis B. If you’re in doubt, go and ask doctors and nurses who managed to be practising there the commonest illness they treat. You can imagine a very deadly illness like hepatitis being common in that failed City! What else could be the cause if not that Aba is the dirtiest of all Nigerian cities as at the moment?! Don’t shake your head like you don’t know; it’s not a new development. We all know it and everyone is aware that the present government there is just numb and dumb. But is that the main matter? Wait, I’m coming back to that!
Now, take it beyond Aba. In Umuahia, the State Capital, there seems to be virtually nothing going on there. Umuahia, a former seat of the Biafran government, has always been known as a small peaceful city with its signatorial cleanliness, but that was in the past. Everyone is equally aware that there’s virtually nothing people-oriented the government can be said to have done there. Is that the main matter? Wait, I’m coming back to that!
Take it to other places beyond Umuahia and Aba. Ngwa – one of the most powerful forces to reckon with in that State and whose land mass seems to be bigger than others – has nothing but only a sign of the government’s most woeful non-performance there. Igbere town seems to be visibly alienated from the woe, probably because it’s the dear town of the former governor Orji Uzo Kalu who stopped at nothing to make his kinsmen proud of him.
In Abiriba areas – where you have a greater population of very wealthy individuals – there seems to be efforts by their people to better their environment and its people. And Abiriba people are always interested in going home and participating actively in the age-grade activities and other traditions more than others. They’re great people and a force to reckon with in Igboland. No doubt!
And then from Arochukwu (one of the oldest Igbo town) to Bende to Ohafia (one of the greatest Igbo warriors) and other towns and communities, the only thing one’s eyes can be served with is the full and happy presence of Abia State government’s most woeful non-performance. Is that the main matter? Wait, I’m coming back to that!
In all these, one is forced to ask if Abia State receives any allocation from the Federal Allocation aside the largely innumerable levies business men and women there are over-taxed and over-tasked to pay. Yes, the State does. And besides, it’s one of the Niger-Delta States in Nigeria that have extra money accruing to it because of oil deposits in it. Again, one who doesn’t know may ask; is there a governor there?
Yes, there is a diminutive man from Umuahia who has been governing Abia State for 6 years now and still has 2 more years to govern it, making it 8 years in all. His name is Theodore Ahamefule Orji. What does he do and how has he been doing? Posing in his superimposing billboards throughout the State – on the refuse vehicles, on the roads and on poorly-built few structures – answering and calling himself “Ochendo” while smiling to the hungry-onlookers with a red cap on his annoying head. But is that the main matter? No, it is not!
The MAIN MATTER is that ndị Abia State have lived as if there’s nothing wrong with their State, yet they complain in their quarters and in their business places. And when you ask them why a great people like them allowed one man to make a mess of them, they will serve you these lazy clichés: “There’s no opposition. Onye kwanụ ga-ekwu?” “T. A Orji is from Umuahia, and nobody from Umuahia will ever smell that governorship seat again”. “It’s just remaining 2 more years and T. A Orji will go, and we will elect some other person who will surely be better”. “We’ve made that mistake and we’ll never make it again. Even Orji Uzo kalu regretted his benevolence to T. A Orji”.
Gosh! I can’t believe those lazy, dumb and cowing reasons are coming from such a conglomerate of strong men and women.
Heck! Have we quickly forgotten that one of the greatest resistances to colonial masters was done by Aba women as far back as 1929? Has anyone forgotten how fierce and fearful the Ohafia warriors have been known to be in Igbo history till this day? Has anyone forgotten that Arochukwu is one of the oldest Igbo – if not the oldest – where it took the Whitemen a great deal to destroy our greatest Igbo Deity there? Has anyone forgotten the many scary stories about Ngwa people and even their courageous ‘ọnyili ọnwụ’ way of life? Has anyone forgotten the economic strength of Abiriba and Igbere people – ndị nwelụ mmadu very well? All the mentioned areas are parts and parcel of Abia State, and I can go on and on to mention.
Abia State has a lot of educated people in large numbers. In UNN, a greater population of ndị Abia are professors and PhD holders as well as in other universities. When I think of all these, my mind is boggled and troubled as to why a people with such great strides and antecedents would be taken for a ride – more than a ride – by one man. Is it that they are apolitical? Perish the thought! All the kalus, Nwachukwus, Okparas, etc (no particular name in mind) have been discussing Anambra, Imo, Enugu and Ebonyi politics, but pay no attention to their own Abia State politics. And you tell me that something is not wrong? Hell, no!
No, no, no! I believe the Igbo Intellectual. Something has really and definitely gone wrong with ndị Abia State. All hands must be on deck.
Source: Radio Biafra.

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